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25 Relatable #Blessed Moments for Women

Taking Back the Most Annoying Hashtag: #Blessed

Let’s all be honest with one and other, the hashtag #blessed is largely annoying. Most often used as a not-so-humble brag about something posted to make one’s life appear perfect, #Blessed feels more like the hashtag equivalent of the Instagram filter, then a show of genuine appreciation. But, today is different for the ladies here at She Explores Life! Today, we are reeling with excitement and filled with gratitude after flying past our goal of garnering 10,000 Page likes before the end of the summer, just halfway through the season. We are indeed feeling #Blessed.

As you can imagine, after months and months of working to grow our kickass community, this feels like a huge success for us. So, Kelli Davis, the SEL Mistress of Social Media and I, spent the morning patting each other on the back, and gleefully spamming each other with our least favorite hashtag. This, of course, inspired us to give #Blessed another shot. We decided to dig deep for what we think are situations women commonly find themselves in that are truly deserving of the formerly despised hashtag.

The following are 25 Real #Blessed Moments for Women


1. Last night I went out for drinks my girls and I can remember EVERYTHING that happened the whole night. #Blessed

2. My dream has always been to be a stay-at-home mom without kids. My youngest started kindergarten today. #Blessed

3. Made it through day 43 of summer vacation and everyone in my family is still alive. #blessed

4. Today I didn’t have to listen to a single boy-band song. At. All. #Blessed

5. Today I successfully declined my 8th marathon invite for this summer. #Blessed

6. Woke up to find all the only clean pair of underwear left in my drawers are my extra soft, form-fitting, full coverage granny panties. Finally, the perfect excuse. #blessed

7. Made the mistake of sexting my boyfriend at noon when my sex drive peaked. Promised him sexy time when he got home from work. Period started an hour later. #Blessed

8. Today I totally checked out of the express 10 items or less lane with 13 items. I’ve never felt so alive. #Blessed

9. My partner and I spent the whole weekend with his parents and they only asked me when we were going to have kids 10 times. That’s a 60% decrease from our last visit. #Blessed

10. Had an extra shitty day at work today so my husband brought me a bottle of tequila, instead of flowers. He really, really knows me. #Blessed

11. Stopped in time to cross my legs before I sneezed three times in a row. #Blessed

12. It’s just a UTI. #Blessed

13, My period came! #Blessed

14. Got my first Brazilian wax, decided to try Marijuana as an anti-anxiety/pain reliever. My Estheticians let me know that marijuana enhances sensation an that’s why it was excruciatingly painful for me. I’ll never do that again. #Blessed

15. All three of my boyfriends and my girlfriend are out of town for the same weekend. Yippee for me-time!!! #Blessed

16. I woke up way late and slightly hungover, so I didn’t have time for breakfast or to pack a lunch. Today is day one of trying intermittent fasting. #Blessed

17. I got to go to the bathroom alone and without any interruptions twice this week. #blessed

18. Today, while in Costco, my very observant toddler shouted at me not to forget to buy some shampoo since I’m now growing hair on my “who-who” and I realized just how helpful he is and that it’s past time to stop showering together. #Blessed

19. Weighed myself after my morning poop. Lost 5 pounds. #Blessed

20. Got a flat, but am an independent woman who can change a tire. #Blessed

21. Got a run in my stockings but went tanning last night. #Blessed

22. Wore white pants and didn’t start my period. #Blessed

23. I just got told I’m pretty and that I should smile more. #Blessed

24. Just got mansplained about the female orgasm. #Blessed

25. Today our Facebook community of badass, empowered women (and those who love us) flew past 10,000 likes and continues to climb! #Blessed


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Annette Benedetti
Annette Benedetti
Annette is a writer, editor and photographer from Portland, OR. Her work appears in a variety of publications including Bust, Red Tricycle, Motherly and Domino. When she’s away from her desk she can be found teaching women yoga at wilderness retreats, exploring new cities across the states and hiking the trails at Mt. Rainier—one of her favorite places on earth.
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