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Friday Feminist Mantra: Boost Your Confidence

Rock your weekend with this mantra for kickass confidence

Annette and I often provide one another with a “pep talk”, when the situation warrants it. During a recent conversation, after one of said “pep talks” we thought to ourselves; “We are so funny and inspirational that it’s practically a crime to keep these little golden nuggets all to ourselves. We should come up with a weekly mantra that we share with our fellow badass lady tribe on She Explores Life”. And that is how your weekly mantra was birthed. Without further ado, I give you your very first She Explores Life Friyay mantra!

Your Friday Mantra for Confidence

Am I the prettiest woman in the room?


Am I the smartest woman in the room?


Do I have the best personality?

Still, no.

What do I have?


Let’s talk about what sets the girls and the women of our world apart for just a moment. We should clarify that girls are absolutely amazing and wonderful, and it’s such a magical stage of development–until you become a grown ass woman and are still behaving like a girl. So what is it that makes this distinction in terms of behavior ladies? CONFIDENCE!

Listen, am I the prettiest woman in the room? No. How about the smartest? Also no. The funniest, or have the best personality? Still no! So what do I have that sets me apart ladies? Confidence!! When I walk into any room with my head held high and a mindset completely dedicated to being totally authentic, people take notice. We are all so starved for acceptance and a feeling of belonging, and yet so few of us are willing to do the self-work required to accept and love ourselves fully.

You want that promotion? Want that special someone you’ve got your eye set on to take notice? Want to feel like you belong everywhere you go? Ready to command respect, attention, and admiration by simply showing up and being you?

The key my dearest lovelies is loving yourself so completely, that no matter who is around and what the situation may be, you are rocking that self-love and respect, which translates to pure unadulterated confidence. It’s the kind of confidence that isn’t forced, faked, or artificially projected.

I know it sounds crazy, and it’s hard to believe that what we need to own any situation like a lady boss isn’t a designer outfit, fancy salon appointments, a personal trainer, a flashy car, important friends, bling blang jewels, weight loss, teeth whitening, etc…. it’s simply more self-love and self-respect. Trust me–it works! (and this mantra will help!)

Love yourself so completely and so fully that it leaves everyone else around you wondering what it is that you have, and eager to learn your magic or simply be around you to soak up your amazing vibes. There is nothing more sexy and impressive than a woman who doesn’t need to play games or seek validation, and who lives authentically on her own terms. This is the difference between living as a girl, and being a powerful woman rooted in self-love, respect, and sovereignty.

Now get out there, and create some magical shit by being your powerful self.


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Kelli Davis
Kelli Davis
She Explores Life Co-Managing Editor, newly single mother of two, educator by trade, lover of words, and self discovering junkie on a mission to find a new normal.