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Satisfying Wanderlust During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us who would be out exploring the world right about now are trapped at home, staring at the four walls of our house or apartment and twiddling our thumbs. The problem is, if you already have wanderlust, the fact that you absolutely cannot do any traveling whatsoever, and won’t be able to for the foreseeable future can intensify that feeling.

So, what can you do to satisfy that overwhelming feeling of wanderlust when you can’t travel?

Well, we’ve got some solutions for you. Read on to find out more.

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Ways to Ease Your Wanderlust During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Plan your next adventure

While nobody knows how long this is going to last and how long there will be restrictions on travel, nothing stops you from having fun planning your next adventure. Perhaps order yourself a scrapbook and make a wanderlust book. Make lists of all the places and things that you would like to see, the customs and traditions of the countries that you want to visit and print out pictures to create a sort of mood board. You could even delve into that pile of travel magazines you have been hoarding in your closet for years and get creative with a glue stick!

Sort out the practicalities

Why not get everything ready so that when you can travel again, after the covid-19 pandemic has passed, you are prepared to go straight away. Perhaps your passport needs renewing – why not see if you can do that now? If you and your family are avid campers, dig the tent and the camping equipment out of the basement and give it a good sort out and clean. You could even set it up in your back yard to check to make sure it is still intact! If you are thinking about broadening your horizons or having some staycations, you could do your research into an RV on kirkland rv sales

Eat international food

Satisfy your appetite for wanderlust! If you can’t go to the destination of your dreams, bring the destination of your dreams to you! Find out what some of their most popular dishes are, pick up the ingredients when you go grocery shopping and recreate the cuisine at home. You may find that you have an unknown talent for cooking the food of a specific country or culture!

Re-live past trips

What better way is there to spend an evening during the coronavirus quarantine than digging out all the old scrapbooks and photo albums and reminiscing over a glass of wine about trips in years gone by? If the photos have been shoved unloved in a box somewhere or stored on your computer where they never get looked at, print them off and spend some time organizing them and making a lovely book for your coffee table.

Read travel blogs

Real people usually write travel blogs in similar circumstances to you, so they are the perfect way to get a hit of travel and ease the wanderlust pangs during the covid-19 pandemic. Maybe you will find new places to visit or new destinations that you would never have considered visiting before. 

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