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On Our Radar: Adventures for Women

Events and Adventures for Women Only

In a world dominated by adventures designed for and run by men, we are always on the lookout for cool events and adventures for women that are led by women. We especially like the kind of gatherings that are designed to strengthen and empower strong, intelligent ladies looking to push their limits and live their dreams.

There’s no doubt that when women come together in the spirit of supporting each other in achieving goals, we excel. The confidence that comes with being surrounded and guided by people who truly understand your needs can mean the difference between trying that thing you’ve always wanted to do and putting it off for another year.

There is an ever-rising number of trail-blazing, women-led opportunities. If you are itching to try something new that might very well change your life, check out the adventures for women below. There’s still time to sign up for some, and there are others you’ll want to put on your list for next year.

Adventures for women

photo by Nicole Dreon Photography and Writing via Rebelle Rally FB

Rebelle Rally: Women’s Off-Road Navigation Rally Raid

Where do I start? The fact that I found out about this groundbreaking event a touch too late breaks my heart. Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road race of its kind in the US. It takes place over eight days when all-female competitors cross approximately 2,000 kilometers of Nevada and California desert landscape without the help of technology. There are basecamps and hidden checkpoints along the way. Best of all, you get 7 days unplugged with just you, your best female companion and the stunning off-road terrain. While it’s too late to sign up for this year’s event, you are going to want to follow this awesome event and there’s no better time to start planning for the next one than today. This is one of those adventures for women you need to have on your bucket list.

When: October 11-20

women's adventures
Photo: Wild Women Expedition FB

Wild Women Expeditions

Hiking, rafting, horseback riding, a safari! This group of female guides takes you around the world on a variety of adventures. You can find your tribe in the untamed land of Indonesia or by horseback in the Orkhon Valley in Mongolia. The treks they offer are next-level badass and guaranteed to give you a new view on life and what you and all women are capable. Visit their website to find out more about their offerings.W

Women’s Wilderness

From adventure camps that take young women/girls and adult women into the wilderness to outdoor skills courses, this crew won our hearts with its mission to t cultivate courage, confidence, connection, and environmental stewardship among girls, women and the LGBTQ2+ community through year-round outdoor immersions across the West. All of their activities and courses work to foster respect, inclusivity, and collaboration. This is a great option for women looking to build confidence and a sense of community or families with young daughters in need of positive mentors. There’s even a weekend wilderness women’s retreat in Colorado. Find out more about all of their offerings on their website. Need a little inspiration? Check out their video above.

photo: by Annette Benedetti

OARS Adventures for Women

If you want to do some real bonding with the girls, white water rafting is the way to go and OARS is the company to sign on with for adventure. This company not only employs badass female river guides, it offers an array of whitewater adventures for women. Choose between 2- to 6-day itineraries in locations like Colorado’s Cataract Canyon, Idaho’s Lower Salmon River or Wyoming’s Grand Tetons.

Up the fun with their Wine on the River or Craft Beer Tasting adventures. You’ll get to raise your glass and sip suds or a little merlot after a day of braving the rapids. If that sounds awesome, you’ll be thrilled to hear that gourmet meals are also included. You may just find that sticking with life on the river with your best ladies sounds far more desirable then heading home to the usual nine-to-five grind.

When: dates vary. Visit their website.

Emily Johnston

photo: via Emily Johnston

International Mountain Guides (IMG) All Women’s Climbs

Talk about providing exceptional adventures for women. IMG can help you turn your dream of climbing mountains into a reality. With renowned female climbers like Emily Johnston heading them up, IMG offers a variety of all women mountain climbing workshops, classes and excursions each year.

  • On Aug. 2-7, you can attend a 6-day all-women’s mountaineering seminar and summit club of Mount Shuksan.
  • June 27-30 climb Mt. Rainier via Disappointment Cleaver route with a group of strong women, led by professional female guides.
  • IMG even allows you to customize a women’s trip with female guides. What’s not to love about this company or the opportunity?


Dance Yourself to Life

Have you ever dreamed of getting in touch with inner sex goddess? Cathy Reed, a third generation burlesque dancer, unrestrained by any formal training breaks all the rules and boundaries that would inhibit her innate expression through her own unique form of dance.

Drawing on her experience from over a decade as an exotic dancer, Cathy has committed to bringing this art form, usually reserved for dark smokey rooms, from the shadows and into the light of conscious awareness. 
and is now offering Dance Yourself to Life, a series of dance workshops that harness the ancient power of music and dance. Blending sensual movement and exotic flow with the powerful shamanic beats of ancient indigenous cultures she helps others reconnect with their authentic selves.

To find out more about her LA based workshop, visit her page and DM her for the details

Online: Her.Bare.Naked.Soul

adventures for women
photo via Nanda Journeys fb

Nanda Journeys

Nanda Journeys offers an array of career enrichment journeys that are well worth checking out. But for a women-only experience, you’ll want to check out their Women’s Empowerment Journey to Guatemala. This unique experience consists of a six-day journey to Guatemala with spiritual life coach and teacher, Meg Sylvester.

Participants will be immersed in Guatemala’s local life and participate in hands-on activities including a Guatemalan cooking class, medicinal plant workshop, Mayan Culture workshop, temescal (sauna) experiences, volcano hikes, lakeside intention setting and meditation, school visits, and more. The intention is to give women the opportunity to witness and absorb the energy and traditions of the Mayans so that they can learn and grow from them while connecting with other women.


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