Ignite Passion at These Oregon Hot Springs

Forget hot girl summer! Fall is here and it’s the perfect time go get frisky with someone in the great outdoors, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon is home to a host of hot springs for folks looking to turn the heat up in their relationship. Along with the long list of benefits (including improved libido) a good mineral soak offers, a visit or stay at one of the following Oregon hot springs is bound to boost your libido and may even lead to some of the best sex you’ve ever had.

I’ve rounded up 5 of my favorite Oregon hot springs for you to put on romantic getaway list. From luxurious to earthy they are each unique in their own way and offer the opportunity for a sexy experience for every kind of relationship. Read up and then head out and reap the rewards and romance offered by these natural wonders.

But, first…

The Benefits of Oregon Hot Springs Mineral Water

Could a visit to one of Orgegon’s Hat Springs boost your libido and get you in the mood for some hot sex? Hell yeah! The following are some of the health benefits you may experience from soaking in a natural mineral-rich Oregon hot spring.

  1.  Trace mineral lithium can be found in hots springs and it is a mood booster, stress reliever, and libido enhancer.
  2. Sex hormones increase and libido is restored.
  3. Boosts blood circulation
  4. Natural pain reliever
  5. Helps with a variety of skin problems like psoriasis and eczema
  6. Eliminates toxins from the body
  7. Increases metabolism
  8. Reduces stress
  9. Increases feelings of wellbeing

5 Unique Oregon Hot Springs

Crystal Crane Hot Spring

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Located in Burns Oregon, in the Eastern part of the state, you’ll find this one-of-a-kind experience. This Oregon hot spring is a perfect romantic getaway for the adventurous at heart. Surrounded by grassy fields and rolling hills for as far as the eye can see, Crystal Crane offers a variety of accommodation and soaking options!

Accommodations include the beautifully appointed Crane Creek suites, glamping style Teepees with soaking tubs, the sheepherders’ wagon, waterfront cabins, and RV and dry tent camping sites.

As for your opportunities to soak, the main hot spring is a large outdoor circular pond that is seven feet deep at the center and leaves plenty of room for soaking and gentle swims. The water’s temp stays at about 101 degrees and gives visitors the opportunity to soak while watching the clouds roll or the stars light up the night sky.

Turn up the romance with next-level stargazing. Far from the lights of the city, you’ll be amazed at the light show above every night. Go for a long romantic drive and catch a glimpse of the wild horses that roam in the area. There are plenty of hiking and site seeing options offered nearby. Spend your days and evenings going from soaking in the tub to romping bed.

Online: cranehotsprings.com

Belknap Hot Springs

Oregon hot springs, romantic getaway

Located in Central Oregon on the McKenzie River, this Oregon hot spring is perfect for couples looking for a cabin retreat or a lodge setting. The Belknap Hot Springs Lodge has a total of eighteen rooms overlooking the beautiful McKenzie River. They are well, appointed for a romantic stay. There are also eight guest cabins that reside in a serene setting. And for those who love getting close to nature, there are campsites available as well.

There are two soaking options at Belknap Hot Springs. There is an upper pool and a lower pool. The pools are not rustic they look like swimming pools and are filled with natural mineral water from the hot spring. They even have poolside chairs to relax on in between long hot relaxing soaks. The upper pool is reserved for guests at the resort, but the lower pool is open for day use.

Next level your romantic getaway with a stroll through Belknap’s breathtaking Secret Garden with its breathtaking stone ponds, and water gardens, the Mckenzie Bridge which offers a panoramic view of the hot springs at their source access to the Willamette National Forest.

Online: belknaphotsprings.com

Summer Lake Hot Springs

This is truly one of the most stunning hot spring options Oregon has to offer. Because of its remote location, I highly recommend it for a romantic getaway or intimate, pastoral escape. The resort covers approximately 145 acres of land in the Great Basin region and is home to a beautifully 1927-era bathhouse that looks like something out of an old Western flick. Along with the indoor pool, Summer Lake Hot Springs offers natural outdoor rock pools as well. All of the pools stay between 106 and 118 degrees.

For an overnight stay, guests choose between geothermally heated cabins, guesthouses, and campgrounds.

Wanna get sexy? The bathhouse becomes clothing optional at 9 p.m. (the perfect opportunity for those looking for a new skinny dipping experience).

Along with providing visitors with an incredible experience, Summer Lake Hot Springs is considered one of Oregon’s greenest soaks. And that alone makes it worth putting on you’re your must-visit list.

Online: summerlakehotsprings.com

oregon hot springs
photo via Carson Hot Springs fb page

Carson Hot Springs

In less than an hour, you can travel from Portland, Oregon to Carson Hot Springs where you will be immediately be transported back in time to the 1930s. Another unique locale, Carson Hot Springs gives their guests a genuine, traditional bathhouse experience.

The 1930s bathhouse offers an authentic and traditional bathhouse experience with its clawfoot tubs and vintage stylings. Mineral water is pumped directly into the tubs for an all-natural, healing bath which you can follow up with a linen wrap and luxurious massage. A perfect precursor to a sexy night.

You’ll soak in vintage claw foot tubs where a curtain gives you plenty of privacy in the dimmed setting. When you are done, try one of the unique spa services. I personally tried the bath wrap. After a long soak in a tub, I went into a room where a woman essentially swaddled me like a baby (a bit like a baby in a straight jacket) and left me to relax and turn inward. And turn inward I did. It was…a trip. You should try it.

The bathhouse is great for day-trippers, but for those on a romantic getaway, the resort has a guests-only a mineral therapy pool.

For those looking for a romantic getaway, there are Rooms at Carson Hot Springs Golf and Spa Resort that will make your stay un-fucking-forgetable…literally. Reserve a room with a hot tub filled with therapeutic mineral water on the balcony of the bedroom! The high-end spa offers couples a place to decompress and detach from everyday life. Though couples (and thruples) are known for wanting to stay in their room their entire time. Ohhhh lala!

Online: carsonhotspringsresort.com

Breitenbush Hot Springs

oregon Hot springs
photo via Breitenbush fb page

Unleash your hippie love at this beloved Oregon hot springs. If you being unplugged, in a deep woods setting and skinny-dipping, this is the spot for you. If you don’t love getting naked, you can wear a swimsuit, but be prepared to see tons of dicks and tits. They are everywhere. Really.

If co-ed nudity in situations with a larger number of people around doesn’t bother you, then Brietenbush has a lot to offer. You can stay in the cozy lodge, rustic cabins, or camp. There are a variety of pools and soaking options as well as daily wellness programs you can participate in. Additionally, they serve organic vegetarian meals three times a day and the resort’s setting is gorgeous!

Expect to have your spark lit emotionally, spiritually and sexually!

Online: breitenbush.com

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