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Your Fall Girls Getaway: Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Head to this Oregon Hot Springs on your Next Girls Getaway

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Across Oregon, temps drop and colors across the state’s landscape pop as the weather shifts. When planning a girls getaway, the focus switches from looking for locations that offer a reprieve from the heat to searching cozier destinations. This time of year, Oregon hot springs are gorgeous and Crystal Crane is one of the best.

If soaking in mineral springs in the brisk autumn air while taking in the changing colors and hanging with your favorite girlfriends sounds like heaven. Read on to find out everything you need to know about booking your Crystal Crane Hot Springs retreat.

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Crystal Crane Hot Springs Location

Located southeast of Central Oregon, four miles north of the town of Crane and 29 miles south of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, this rustic Oregon hot springs resort consists of an array of accommodation options that provide a variety of experiences. This trip is perfect for a girlfriend getaway, family escape, romantic weekend or personal retreat.

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The Hot Springs

The hot springs itself is an outdoor pool that is essentially a giant pond. It is surrounded by miles of grassy fields with gently rolling hills in the distance. In fall, the landscape appears stark with bright yellow, orange and red grasses that stand out in contrast to the dirt and mud.

The autumn months bring spectacular sunsets and sunrises that can be taken in while soaking with friends. The nearby refuge draws wildlife for peaceful observation. It’s the perfect time of year for a bonding adventure or a sweet rejuvenating retreat at an Oregon hot springs.

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If you would like more refined accommodations for your girls getaway, you can book a cabin at Crystal Crane hot springs. Four small waterfront cabins surround one side of the hot spring. They are heated, appointed with western-theme décor and situated next to a shared bathroom facility.

Only steps away from the hot springs, they offer easy access to a quick soak as well as the warm lodge. While rustic, they are cozy and comfortable providing the perfect Oregon hot springs experience for those looking for a rugged but relaxing vacation.

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Glamping: Teepees & the Sheep Herders Wagon

There are three giant Teepees you can glamp in with your friends. Two have their own private enclosure complete with fire pit and mineral soaking tub. One has a big mineral tub right in the middle of the Teepee.its very own mineral tub. These surprisingly cool options are roomy and equipped with lights, bedding, and seating. Th

Tip: Be prepared and pack for all kinds of weather. Anything is possible during the fall season in Central Oregon.

The Sheep Herders Wagon is and authentic wagon that was converted to a cozy room with a queen size bed. It includes a private enclosed patio with a picnic table, fire pit, charcoal barbecue , and a 2 person soaking tub.

Additional Accommodations

There are a multitude of accommodation options to choose from that are perfect for a girls getaway. There’s a 5th wheel, a bunk house and more. If you own your own RV or prefer to camp, there’s an area designated for these options. There is a small building where you can relax and enjoy your morning coffee and there is a kitchen where guests can prepare meals as well.

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Soaking in Oregon Hot Springs

There are two soaking experiences available. The outdoor open-air pond is wonderful, especially in the evening under the stars. You can swim from end to end and it’s 7 feet deep in the center. The temperature of the water varies but typically sits at about 101 degrees. I love this option during the fall months. There’s nothing quite as inspiring as floating in a warm pond surrounded by the brisk Eastern Oregon landscape.

The second soaking option takes place in the private bathhouse. Here you find a series of private cedar-enclosed tubs. You can fill yours with water at your own desired temperature and relax in privacy for as long as you like.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

If you are artistic and crave experiences that feed your craft, Crystal Crane hot springs is home to the perfect combination of elements that inspire: the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the magic of healing mineral waters, and an enchanting atmosphere. Plan your Oregon hot springs girls getaway throughout the area’s stunning autumn season and you’ll be and ready to return year-round (yep! Even in the winter months!

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