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Your Year-round Guide to a Girls Camping Trip Getaway

Start Planning Your Next Girls Camping Adventure

There is no better way to spend time in nature then on a girls camping trip with your best friends. But when it comes to camping, regardless of the time of year, organizing your adventure requires research and careful planning well in advance. There are a multitude of things that must be done to pull off the perfect trip.

The following tips and tricks will help you organize a dream girls camping trip that will build memories and bonds that last a lifetime. Read on for your year-round girl’s guide to camping like a pro.

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Choosing The Right Location

Choosing a location for your girls camping trip is one of the most important things you will need to do. The destination you choose will greatly impact the overall experience. Depending on the time of year (yes, you can camp year-round), you will need to decide which kind of climate and environment will suit your needs and then search for a place that meets your requirements.

During the winter months, you’ll likely want to find a location that is on the warmer side. Believe it or not, across the US there are an array of locales that offer the perfect reprieve from dreary winter days. From the Redwoods in California to Congaree National Park in North Carolina there’s an option for everyone regardless of where you live. Check out Reserve America, to find some of the best sites and reserve your spot.

Pack Smart

Packing for your trip is one of the hardest things to do. Start by making a list of everything you need well in advance and check each item off as you go. Consider some of the following packing tips and tricks. They will simplify this task and lessen your workload.

  • Make three packing lists for the following categories: Food, Shelter & Clothing.
  • Stick with the basics. The less you bring, the better! A girls camping getaway is all about unplugging and roughing it a bit.
  • Bring the minimum when it comes to clothes. Expect to get dirty. Your main goal when picking clothing is to have enough to stay warm and dry.
  • Check the condition of your supplies well ahead of time in case you need to replace something.
  • Get the 10-day weather forecast before packing.
  • Pack the things you will need to use the most last. That way they are easily accessible.

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Pitch Your Tent Properly

Finding the best spot for your girls camping trip also means picking the best place to pitch your tents. When choosing , look for a place that’s completely level, preferably in a clearing protected from the elements by trees and other plant life. Consider the location of the sun throughout the day. Make sure your tent isn’t in direct sunlight, or it is likely to become a sauna durig the day.

Avoid camping on a hill, particularly at the bottom as you are likely to end up sleeping in a puddle should it rain, or even worse, you could get caught in a flash flood. Try hiking to the highest point feasible. One of the easiest ways to find the perfect place to spend the night is by reserving a developed spot ahead of time. They are likely to have smooth, flat ground for a sleeping area as well as a fire pit.

Getting Comfortable

While your girls camping retreat may put you in the depths of the wilderness, comfort is still important. Don’t forget to bring padding or a cot for your sleeping area. If you are camping during the summer months, bringing a piece of tech like a portable air conditioner will help you to keep cool while camping in a hot location. This is especially feasible for drive-up camping spots. If you have to trek on foot to your base camp, be conscious of the weight you will be carrying and ditch the extras, as you may soon regret packing the contents of your bedroom or kitchen when you have to carry it on your back.

Did Somebody Say Food?

The food that you bring along on your camping trip is vital, as you need to have the proper nutrition and energy for your unplugged adventures. And lets be honest, there’s nothing like good camp grub after a day of outdoor adventuring with your friends. Take the opportunity to cook outside over an open fire, barbecuing different meats (or roadting marshmallows!) and using a camping pot to stir up some amazing vegetable and bean filled treats. Taking ‘picnic items’ that offer substantial calories without the need for any kind of cooking is also a great idea, as they are stress free energy sources that can easily be packed into your backpack with no fuss. Think power bars, trail mix, and other instant energy items

Camping is a year-round activity that provides women with next-level adventure and an opportunity to connect with nature and each other. Putting together a girls camping trip takes a little work, but spending time unplugged in the wilderness with your favorite people, is well worth the planning and packing.


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