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Girls Getaway Euro Trip by Motorcycle

Your Girl’s Euro Trip Motorcycle Adventure: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Every rider dreams of going on an extended Euro Trip with her best girlfriends, and if you know how to go about it safely, riding through Europe on your motorcycle does not have to remain just a dream either. As should be obvious, some preparations are required for the long ride, and to make those preparations successfully, you will need a bit of preface on what to prepare for exactly.

The following are some tips, trick and thoughts on how to prepare for your motorcyle ride across Europe.

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Find a Group If You Can

If you don’t already have girlfriends who love to ride, it isn’t hard to find fellow lady bikers who are as interested in taking that ride across the continent as you are. Some of them may even be looking for partners for a Euro trip themselves, while there are others who have already been on similar trips on their motorbikes before. Some parts of Europe are not the safest in the world, and while they are just as scenic as the other safer locations within the continent, there’s always safety in numbers.

Make Sure that Your Motorcycle Insurance Will Cover the Trip

As already mentioned, some parts of Europe are not the safest for bikers, be it due to the road conditions or because of the local crime rates. Even if you avoid such areas, a ride through the various European highways, roads, countryside, and dirt paths on a two-wheeler does come with its own set of risks. Check the terms of your insurance policy beforehand in order to  whether your motorcycle insurance will cover your ride throughout the Euro trip or not.

In case they do not provide complete coverage, check your insurance options from the site to find motorcycle insurance policies that will cover the Euro trip at a better cost. Quotezone is a neutral platform you can use to compare motorcycle insurance policies and providers, so riders can practically use the competition between different insurers to get better quotes for the policy they need. If you are traveling in a group, see if the whole group can get a group discount from the motorcycle insurance company that offers the best quote.

Itinerary, Weather and Luggage Considerations

Europe is a big place and depending on your itinerary and the timing of the trip, the weather will play a huge factor. Winter is of course a bad choice for riders especially, but any other time of the year will do fine. Staying precisely in sync with regular forecasts and expected weather patterns will allow you to pack for the trip more effectively. The itinerary will also be responsible for deciding what kind of weather conditions you will be facing and how long the trip will take, give or take a few days. Consequently, that will also give you an idea regarding how much clothing and supplies the motorcycle will need to carry. This in turn, will decide whether you will need to make some modifications to your motorbike so that it can carry the kind of luggage which will prove to be essential for the coming trip.

When you are on a motorcycle, there’s a limit to how much you can carry and that limit is not too high either. Therefore, refueling and resupplying will need to be a lot more frequent than it would be on the usual Euro trips people take in cars. It is just better to decide on a dynamic plan rather than a fixed one, which allows for improvisation on the spot, but not without at least some knowledge regarding what to expect before facing the situation.

by Emily Roberts

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