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How to Support Travel-Obsessed Women

Do you have a travel-obsessed girlfriend?

We all have that girlfreind in our lives who is obsessed with traveling. No sooner have they returned from their last adventure are they planning the next one, even if they don’t intend on leaving any time soon. While you’re sure to miss your bestie the next time you say goodbye to her at the airport for what feels like the 100th time, you also want to make sure she has a blast, and you want to her know you’re not going to forget her. The following are tips on how you can support the travel-obsessed woman in your life.

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5 ways to support the travel-obsessed woman in your life

Whisk Her Away with You!

Why should the travel-obsessed woman in your life have all the fun without you? Whisking your friend away for a quick weekend girls getaway, a week-long women’s retreat, or even a month-long girlfriends escape is sure to scratch that travel itch they’ve been complaining about for so long. You can research Holiday Specials to find the best deals and then broach the subject, or surprise them on a special day. Not only will this give you the chance to discover what makes her passionate about travel, it’ll also help you catch up on some much-needed time that you haven’t had a lot of recently.

A Book of Memories for the Travel-Obsessed

If a globetrotting adventure is only very slightly out of your budget, then creating a book of memories for them to keep safe is the next best bet. This book of memories can be whatever you want it to be. From pictures of the two of you to snapshots of their favorite destinations so that even if the internet crashes and burns and loses all their Instagram snaps, they will have a physical keepsake to look back on a reminisce.

All The Information They Need

Your travel-obsessed girlfriend is almost certainly already planning their next destination, so why not do what you can to find out everything you can about the next stop on their travel bucket list? You can research what to do, what to see, and what to eat, along with any hidden secrets that most tourists don’t know. It might make it a little bittersweet for you, but your globetrotting best girlfriend will appreciate it more than you could ever realize.

The Essentials They Never Knew They Needed

Every traveler has essentials that they bring with them on every trip. You’ve got your backpack, your headphones, your sleep mask, and earplugs. But this isn’t everything, and often, it’s the things you don’t think about that can have the biggest impact on a travel experience. Consider treating your girlfriend to a travel blanket, a luggage tracker, or a self-cleaning water bottle to save them panicking at the last minute. These gifts are convenient, and depending on where they are heading to next, they could prove vital to ensuring a spectacular experience.

Their Plus One

It’s always hard saying goodbye to a girlfriend when they jet off on their next adventure, and no matter how many times they go, it never gets easier. If you want to treat a friend who is obsessed with traveling while you’ve still got them near you, these ideas are some of the best ways to do so. You never know, they might take you with them, after all. 

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