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Livestream these Activities & Events FREE

Free Virtual Classes, Concerts, & Activities You Can Livestream to Ease Quarantined Life

Here in Portland, we’ve only been living the Covid-19 quarantined life for a handful of days, which is a far shorter amount of time than some of other cities in the US…and people are already starting to struggle.

Look, I know what you are thinking: “It’s just the beginning! How could ya’ll possibly be freakin already?” But, the struggle is real. So many of the things that we have to give up in order to fight the current global pandemic crisis, are things that allow us to maintain our income, cover our basic needs and keep our physical, mental and spiritual health in check.

The reality is that the coronavirus along with the new American lifestyle (aka: quarantined) aren’t going anywhere fast. Social distancing is in full effect and we, as a society, have to embrace it and find new way of doing the things that keep us healthy and happy.

Here at She Explores Life, we are determined to play a positive role in whatever is to come. We are here to help and lift each and everyone of you up when you are feeling the most vulnerable and isolated. One of the ways we can do this is by helping you fill your days and evenings with virtual activities and events that you can livestream to fill the void left by the absence of your typical activities.

We’ve found that the best way for people to socialize, connect and stay active while staying home is through the internet. We set out to find all of the cool virtual activities and events that people can livestream for FREE …and we were shocked by what we found. Believe it or not, a shocking number of individuals and businesses are stepping up to offer free classes, concerts, workouts, virtual tours and more to help the home-bound get their needs met.

So without further ado, here are just some of the virtual opportunities you can livestream for free while stuck at home.

Please note: while many of these are offered for free, most offer a soft ask for donations or virtual tips. While we understand many have lost jobs and are hurting for money, if you have some to give…please do! We are all in this together.

Livestream Concerts

You can catch some of these live or watched the videos recorded during a livestream, after the fact.

Stay At Home Concert Calendar: Good news! You don’t have to scour the internet to find awesome concerts to stream. Head over the the Say At Home Concert Calendar to find out when you can find acts like the Indigo Girls!

Keith Urban: Keith Urban livestreamed this little fun concert:

John Legend Live Stream Concert: John Legend will be livestreaming a concert on his Instagram Account. Online:

Death Cab for Cutie Daily Live Stream Concerts: Ben Gibbard announced that he’ll be livestreaming daily concerts from his home studio every afternoon at 4:00 PM PST for the next few weeks via the band’s social media channels. You can watch via YouTube or over on the band’s Facebook page.

Videos from Pete Krebs from the band Pete Krebs & His Portland Playboys: Catch some tunes from the Portland musician via his FB Page.

Pete Kartsounes Livestream Music: Catch regular performances from this artist! Online:

The Metropolitan Opera Live Streaming Nightly: Watch free performances streamed by the metropolitan Opera every night of the week. viewers can go to at 7:30 p.m. and watch one of the selected productions in full. 

The Franti’s STAY AT HOME CONCERT WORLD TOUR: Tune in for some uplifting music by Franti! Online:

Virtual Workouts

Brass Tacks Quarantine Body Weight Workouts: Mackenzie Griffith helps you get in shape right in your living room with these great body weight workouts! Instructions and videos included. Get them here.

Free Dance Class with Debbie Allen Tomorrow!: Join executive producer Debbie Allen for a free dance class on her Instagram!

Quarantine Pilates: Have you been wanting to learn Pilates? Now is the time. This awesome lady has put together some great videos. Watch her You Tube videos here.

Virtual Meditation & Yoga Classes with Roger McKeever (Sacred Tremor): One of my fav yoga teachers, Roger is offering livestreaming of both meditation and yoga classes. Check out your options on his website and FB page. Online:

Yoga for Kids with Happy Mindful People: Elissa Rose Cirignotta-LoRang is a dear fried and an amazing yoga teacher and she’s livestreaming yoga movement classes for kids! Your littles and you, will both benefit from this awesome gift! She is sharing them on the Happy Mindful People FB Page and Insta.

Dance Class with Elizabeth Dialto the Creator of Wild Soul Creative Movement: Jump on Instagram and dance off your cabin fever each evening at 6 PT live on Instagram:

Art Classes

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems: Every Day at 1 p.m. you can join Mo Willmes when he livestreams a drawing class. Sure it may be for kids, but big kids will love it too. You can catch him online:

Art Classes with Leah Kohlenberg: These classes do cost a little…but only $10 a class. Leah offers live online drawing lessons next week for kids ages 8-18.  Classes are two hours (though younger kids may drop out at about 90 minutes), and cost 10 USD (or 10 Euro) per class per child.  She’ll focus on the practice and theory of drawing, since the supplies aren’t difficult to gather, and subjects may include animals, flower still lifes, and perhaps real or cartoon characters (just depending on what each class wants to learn).  Classes are limited to 20 kids per session.  Classes last 2 hours: Classes will be offered in three time zones – Europe (3-5 pm), US East Coast (1-3 pm) and US West Coast (1-3 pm).  You’ll find them on the registration page. Online:

Art & Entertainment

Raye the Cat by Cat Powell: Oh this sweet little comic will touch your heart. Her doodles speak to the soul and you will fall in love with this cute blue kitty! Follow on Insta.

BOOKLOVER’S BURLESQUE: Bedtime Stories Series: Bedtime stories are getting sexy! We will be sharing sexy, titillating, and empowering readings via video from Booklover’s Burlesque alumni, local authors, and special guests up to twice a day for a month to spread joy, pleasure, and empowerment to all! You’ll be able to see the videos via Booklover’s Burlesque and Lacy Productions FB pages and our website at!

Poetry & Inspiring Conversations with Poet Turiya Autry: You don’t want to miss these FB Live broadcasts where Turiya reads her own poetry as well as excerpts from her favorite writers.

Liquid Stories: The artists create fluid, hand-painted, stop-motion videos. Their videos are colorful, ephemeral, sometimes narrative, sometimes abstract and impermanent.  You Tube Channel

Virtual Travel

Great Wall of China: Take a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China. Online:

Yellow Stone Park: Explore Yellow Stone Park. Online:

Virtual Adventures For the Family

San Diego Zoo Live Cam: Check out the animals at the San Diego Zoo with your kiddos via their live cams. You can watch abs, giraffes, tigers and more. Online:

Smithsonian National Zoo Live Cam: I mean, you know you want to watch naked mole rats…right? Don’t worry, there’s more to see too. Online:

Ouwehand Park Polar Bear Cubs Live Cam: Baby Polar Bears! Need we say more? Online:

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams: Take your kids to the Aquarium virtually! There are tons of live cams in setting like the Coral Reef, Aviary and Kelp Forest to explore. Many have music playing in the background making the experience exceptionally relaxing. Online:

Georgia Aquarium Live Cams: Check out the Ocean Voyager, California Sea Lian Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef WebCams and more. Online:

Astronauts Reading Stories from Space: What?! That’s right. Your kids can watch astronauts read them a book from space. Online:

Note: We will be updating this daily. Please contact us with any offerings you’d like included. E-mail us at [email protected] with links, dates and descriptions.

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