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10 Tips for Good & Safe Sex During Festival Season 

Festival season is upon us. There’s nothing quite like the music, entertainment, community gatherings, dance, camping, and sex! While, partying at a festival is a libido igniter, festival sex can be a bit of a challenge. But sex and intimacy isn’t limited to a bedroom. There are lots of ways you can prepare for banging in the wild and camping sex throughout festival season. From tent sex to a vanlife romp, outdoor intimacy and more, below you’ll find my top tips for festival sex this summer and beyond. 

Get Festival Season Ready! 

There are some supplies to consider before you jump into engaging in festival sex. Similar to camping sex, hygiene should always be your first priority. Without the right supplies, you could be putting yourself at risk for a yeast infection or BV. Before you get down and dirty, make sure you have ph balanced cleansing wipes like the Afterglow Cleansing Wipes by Fun Factory. These wipes make post-sex cleanup quick and easy, especially if you don’t have access to a shower. You should also use these wipes beforehand to freshen up and to make sure your hands are clean before using your fingers to pentrate a partner (You’ve heard of a ‘festival wash’ right?).

Another important festival AND tent sex tip, is to pack plenty of ziplock bags with you. You can use them to store used wipes, tissues, condoms and anything else sex-related. Make sure to pack out everything you pack in as some products aren’t bio-degradable and we want to keep our natural areas beautiful and healthy.

Power Up Proper for Tent Sex 

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Modern-day camping or glamping usually comes with the essentials, including a power source. But remote festivals and camping sites used during festival season can often be rustic leaving festival-goers without a sufficient charging source for sex toys and play. Make sure you pack battery-powered toys or sex toys that don’t require power at all! The AMOR dildo is a great example of a sex toy that is perfect for camping sex, and the rainbow colors fit with festival flare. I love it for its super-thin base which allows for close contact when used in a harness. With the limited space that tents allow, you’re likely to be restricted to certain positions. The AMOR is perfect for tent-approved positions like Doggy, or Cowgirl. Plus, it requires no charging or batteries. 

I love the vibes, if you do too, don’t worry. There are plenty of battery-powered options. If you’re looking for a vibrating sex toy to take to festivals or camping I recommend the OCEAN, a battery-operated vibe that is curved for easy G-spot or prostate play. This battery-operated vibe means you don’t have to wait for the toy to re-charge, or even worry about finding a power source, just make sure you take a spare set of batteries! There’s no need to leave your favorite toy at home when you’re sleeping under the stars! 

Festival Sex Comfort Considerations

One of the most important festival sex tips is to consider what you are banging on! Airbeds can be unpredictable and break the rhythm. Pitch your tent on a flat surface and use thick yoga mats or memory foam camping pads to lay on. You also may want to consider bringing sheets to place over your sleeping bags, as these are more breathable. Sleeping bags hold in heat, so the last thing you want after a steamy session is to have to lay in a sweaty sleeping bag. 

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Comfort is a must when camping and engaging in festival sex. Along with pillows consider packing the Jaz Trio. This bundle is the perfect travel kit to ensure great sex while camping at a festival or anywhere else! It includes a pillow wedge, for deeper penetration, NŌS, the vibrating c-ring, and BE.ONE, the handheld device that turns the hand into a deceptively powerful vibrator. 

Don’t Let Your Period Stop You

Menstruation is the worst when it happens in the wild. But don’t let it put a damper on your good time. The Fun Cup is a great eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. It’s reusable and holds 4x as much blood as a pad or tampon. It’s perfect for wearing during tent sex when engaging in oral sex and light penetration. If you want to have some serious penetrative sex, I highly recommend the FLEX Disc which is disposable for after sex or the reusable FLEX Disc which is modeled after the disposable disc. They are both easy to use before, during and after sex and have a great reputation for making period sex amazing…even when you are out in the wild.

Consent is sexy.

I know that festival season and festival events seem like a world far from reality, but the number one rule is to always be consensual. Often time, festival days and nights include large amounts of mind-altering substances. If your sexual partner is too drunk or too high to consciously agree to sexual activities, then it is and remains a no-go. Remember, a “hell yes!” is the only type of yes when it comes to festival sex.

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