Friday Feminist Mantra: The Mediocre White Man

This Week’s Mantra

“It is self-doubt and not mediocrity that holds me back. I will be as confident and bold as a mediocre white man!”

Recently a conversation spurred a great question, which turned into a series of thoughts, that now translates into what your Friyay mantra is for this week. The conversation was surrounding the difference between how men and women handle failure and inadequacy, and the question is “why do men have permission to be celebrated for mediocre accomplishments, and women don’t?”.


Ever noticed how many times a man in charge completely and utterly fucks things up, and yet is still held in high esteem?

I believe that it is most often self-doubt and NOT mediocracy that holds us, women back! Imagine if we all were as confident and bold as the average, mediocre, white man. The whole matrix would fall apart and women would literally run the world. I believe that confidence is honestly that big of a deal!!

Women, if we want to succeed and take our places at the top and coexist with men equally, we absolutely must take a stand to abolish our motherfucking drive for perfection. WE ARE OUR BIGGEST ADVERSARY.

We are getting in our own damn way and sabotaging the hell out of our chances for equality. It’s time to stop blaming the white man for keeping us down, and time to start watching, studying and emulating the shit they have managed to master! Like the subtle art of not giving a fuck how mediocre something they produce is, and standing confidently behind it with all the airs of self-assurance and confidence.

Confidence and competence are king in all areas of business, leadership, and success. You don’t actually have to be the best at ANYTHING, you simply need to convince other’s that you are, and they will follow you happily! (And this Friday’s Mantra will help with that)

People are starved to remain tucked in all snug and comfy within the fallacies of security and safety. Give them a leader who oozes confidences, and suddenly they assume that said person must be so confident because they are competent. It’s something that the average mediocre white man has mastered!!

Take a look at what you are producing, and how you are showing up in your own life.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • “How often do I discredit myself in an attempt to not rock the boat or seem cocky?”
  • “How often do I apologize when I’m not actually sorry?”
  • “How do I handle what I perceive to be a weakness or failure?”
  • “In what ways am I demonstrating confidence?”
  • “Do I judge myself when something doesn’t turn out the way I had hoped, or do I use it as fuel and an opportunity to grow?”
  • “Do I take risks?”
  • “How am I supporting a growth mindset?”

Studies have found that men overestimate their abilities and performance, and women do the exact opposite, time and time again! Reread that ladies- we are doing this shit to ourselves! It’s time to take a stand, look at the programming we’ve been bred into, and decide once and for all if we are actually ready to evolve.

Want to start a revolution?!

Look in the mirror and start preaching self-love and confidence to the amazing, resilient, creative, badass woman standing in front of you! Say the mantra! Nourish her dreams so fucking hard that it’s the only voice that can be heard in that fabulous head of yours.

Then take all that fuel and burn shit to the ground, every day, by showing up authentically and unapologetically standing behind yourself! Celebrate every thought, idea, success and failure. If it’s foreign at first, that’s ok, just emulate the most average mediocre white male you can think of and you’ll already be ahead in the game.



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