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My readers and Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast Listeners are the reason we continue to have the ability to create sexually empowering content that improves the lives of women and those who love them. As a big thank you to all the folks who support this content, I’ve been forging relationships with some of the biggest names in the sexual health and intimacy wellness world to bring you big discounts on products that will support and enhance your intimate lives as well as your whole health.

Some of the products you will have access to at an affordable price with my discounts include lingerie, sex toys, supplements, skincare products and more.

Some of the BIG luxury brands you’ll enjoy shopping at discounted prices include Fun Factory, We-Vibe, Womanizer & Lovehoney! Scroll down for all of the brands, what they offer, and my special discount codes that you’ll need to type in at checkout!

Remember: Bookmark this page because I will be updating it regularly with coupons, codes, and deals on products and vacation packages that some of the hottest brands are offering my readers, listeners, and viewers exclusively!


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    Note: This post contains affiliate links that result in a small commission for me, more orgasms for you, and zero hike in price (in fact, you save big!) I call that a win/win.

    Discount code, Amazon Discount code

    Fun Factory 20% Discount Code

    I’ve had a long-standing relationship with Fun Factory. This sustainable, inclusive sex toy company sells vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, strokers, dildos, lube, and more. Fun Factory is a luxury brand that never fails to create products that bring on the pleasure. When you shop Fun Factory just make sure to use my code SELS20 at check out for 20% off your purchase. You’ll find them online at

    Velvet 30% Discount Code

    Velvet is home of the build-your-own-thruster! I’ve ridden one of these bad boys myself and when I say they do not disappoint, I’m not exaggerating. These thrusters come in all sizes and shapes with add-ons that will blow your mind. You can also grab some of my favorite lube! Gleam lube. The thrusting dildo is just one of the many toys this groundbreaking company has to offer you, but regardless of what you purchase, you are going to get one of my biggest discounts yet: 30% off when you use my code Explores30 at check out.

    Best of all Velvet. is also the the umbrella company for two additional brands that this code will work with. You are going to have to scroll down to find out more about them. You can shop Vevet Co. at

    L’ACIER 30% Discount Code

    Have you ever felt the smooth, cool, orgasmic vibes provided by luxury steal sex toys? If not, you are missing out. L’ACIER products don’t just look gorgeous, they feel incredible. These vibrating stainless steel products come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used in vaginal and anal sex. And even though they look like they would break the bank, with my discount code EXPLORES30, they are quite affordable. Don’t forget to enter EXPLORES30 when checking out. Visit L’ACIER online at:

    Voila 30% Discount Code

    Voila is another super fun brand that falls under Velvet. It creates fun, novelty sex toys that bring real vibes! From vibrators that look like Thor’s Hammer to lipstick tubes that make you cum, to a dirty-minded alien that wants to get touchy, you’ll find all kinds of sex toys designed for people with vulvas and penises. Yup, there’s even a stroker. Check them out and save a whopping 30% when you use my discount code Explores30 at checkout. You can find out more about Voila online here:

    Womanizer Discount Code

    Womanizer 15% Discount Code

    This luxury brand probably needs very little introduction to those of you who are already sex toy savvy. Hail to the sex toy brand that brought us pleasure air technology! Pleasure air technology has changed my life! It has brought me to orgasmic heights I had no idea this body was capable of, and Womanizer has perfected the tech through its suite of sex toys. You too, can enjoy all the awesome vibes combined with pleasure air tech at a 15% discount when you use my code Explores15 at checkout! You can shop the full suit of Womanizer products here:

    We-Vibe 15% Discount Code

    We-Vibe is another name is sex tech that is well-trusted and deeply loved for its huge line of luxury toys and it’s revolutionary couple’s toys. Few sex tech brands have dialed in couples toys and long-distance sex the way We-Vibe has. Using blue-tooth technology and cellphone capabilities couples can get naughty in close proximity to one another and long distance. Hand control of your vibes over to your partner for a night of naughty fun or send them a text and initiate play. From cock rings and vibes to wearable toys and butt plugs, your sex life is about to get a whole lot better when you use my code EXPLORES15 for 15% off a checkout when you shop

    lovehoney discount code

    Lovehoney 15% Discount Code

    Lovehoney carries it all! If you are looking for incredible vibes, Lovehoney has them. If you are into BDSM, Lovehoney can get you set up with paddles, crops, and all the bondage equipment you want. Like lingerie? Good news! Lovehoney has affordable Lingerie for every occasional. And all of Lovehoney’s affordable products just got more affordable when you use my 15% discount code EXPLORES15 at checkout. To get started, check out

    Bloomi 10% Discount Code

    Bloomi products were created by a master sexologist and boast a clean, earth and body-safe standard that’s more than impressive. From a gorgeous line of orgasmic vibes to lubes and massage oils that are truly luxurious and sensual, this company has gone above and beyond to provide products that are exquisite. Bloomi is a woman-created and owned company and I am proud to be able to offer my listeners and readers 10% off Bloomi’s products when you use my code BLOOMI10 at checkout! Now check them out at:

    Momotaro Apatheca10% Off Discount Code

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Momotaro products feel like a spa day for your pussy. This vulvovaginal care company has created a luxury line of skincare products for your vulva, vagina, and intimate areas. I have done a full review of Momotaro products here. Let me just say this, if you are someone who struggles with vaginal PH issues or vaginal discomfort, Momotaro has a solution for you. If you are someone who like a little quick refresh after a workout in bed or in the gym, Momotaro has a solution for you. I LOVE these products. You can get them for yourself at at 10% discount when you use my code SHEEXPLORESLIFE at checkout. Check Momotaro out at

    Betty’s Toy Box 10% Discount Code

    This woman-owned, family-run online toy store has every kind of toy you could dream of! Betty’s shop carries all of the biggest brand names in the luxury sex toy and intimate care business. You get 10% off your purchases from Betty’s Toybox when you use my code LRT10 at checkout. Shop .

    Tracy’s Dog 10% Discount Code

    Dual motor stimulation is the name of the game, and Tracy’s Dog has some serious game. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that Tracy’s OG Sucking vibrators is one of my favorites! But trust me, this company has so much more to offer in the vibe department. These products aren’t just luxurious, the get you exactly where you want to go. And you can have them all at a 10% discount when you use my code ANNETTE10% (don’t forget the %), at checkout. Find out more when you shop

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