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Top Takeaways From the Vice Presidential Debates

What You Need to Know About the Vice Presidential Debates

Whoah! How is everyone doing out there? Well, we made it through the 2020 Vice Presidential debates between Senator Kamala Harris and pence. While it wasn’t the shitshow we witnessed during the 2020 presidential debates between Vice President Biden and trump, it certainly had its standout moments. If you didn’t get to watch the debates, or you pre-funked a little to hard with debate cocktails, don’t stress. I had a single glass of wine (thank me later) just so I could catch the important stuff and recap it for you.

The most important takeaway from tonight’s Vice Presidential Debates? Senator Kamala Harris showed viewers that she was clearly presidential material! While pence sort of came across as a super pale, flaccid old man’s…well, you know. But I digress.

The following are the top takeaways from the 2020 Vice Presidential Debates

Put a fly on it

If you’ve heard nothing else of the debates, you’ve surely already heard about the fly that stole the show. As if we didn’t already know that pence is a piece of shit, a fly decided to hang out on his head for a really, really long time about half way through the debates. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again…like flies on shit…#putaflyonit is my new favorite hashtag.

I’m still speaking!

Senator Kamala Harris knew she was going to be interrupted and she knew she was going to be fighting for time to talk. We feel you Kamala! Kamala asserted herself over and over firmly telling pence, “I’m still speaking” when he tried to interrupt her, though he didn’t seem to get it. All women will be using this line for years to come.

Give pence a tutu! Cuz he can dance

I’ve never seen someone pivot and spin quite as quickly or often as pence did tonight. Did he answer any of the questions tonight? I can’t remember. I was too distracted by his plies and pirouettes. Give that man some point shoes.

Beware! If you’ve got a preexisting condition

Pence wouldn’t commit to weather trump would do away with coverage for preexisting conditions. That pretty much says it all.

Senator Kamala Harris was tough

It was so satisfying to watch Senator Kamala Harris spank pence. But, I’d like to have seen her bend him over her knee a bit more. She was tough, but tough enough? I was still yelling at the TV screen as were a million women and POC across the nation. Shut the f*ck up pence! He clearly took advantage of his white male privilege. In fact, he flaunted it.

Senator Kamala Harris knows how to walk the Black woman line

Senator Kamala Harris smiled, kept a calm demeaner  and like a seasoned professional she played it safe where she needed to and went after pence when she thought it might work. But, it’s clear she’s aware that in some circles, being too aggressive would hurt her.

Pence is still not COVID smart

When asked if the the American people should follow the CDC’s COVID-Safety directions, pence pivoted and avoided answering. STILL!

Liar, liar pants on fire

Pence completely ignored the question about whether the American people have the right to know the truth about trump’s health. He did nothing to argue against the accusations that the White House has been dishonest about trump’s health since it has been compromised by COVID-19. Probably because he can’t

Jaw dropper

Pence kept saying: “You entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts”. Sort of a jaw dropper from an administration that lies multiple times on a daily basis via twitter. That statement was NOT a good look for him.

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Speaking of not a good look

Between the fly that made a home in his hair to his one bloodshot eye, pence looked like death. It wasn’t a good look for him, especially considering his constant close contact with trump. That combined with his need to over mansplain and run over his time throughout the night…well, he was gross. Let’s just call him Mansplainer n chief from now on, shall we?

Senator Kamala Harris is a miracle worker

Even with how often pence went over his time and refused to shut the fuck up, Kamala somehow managed to win her time back and they both ended up with approximately 36 minutes of talk time.

Fact check

Pence claims that before there were more than five cases of COVID-19 in the states (all returning from china) trump suspended all travel from china. FALSE A full ban was never issued. Only minor travel restrictions were issued. Interestingly enough, it was later discovered that most of the cases of COVID-19 that made it into the states during that time were through air travel from Europe.

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