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Twitter Roasting Ted Cruz is My New Guilty Pleasure

#TedCruzIstheTypeofGuyWho Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

2021 came in like a wrecking ball. There’s been an failed insurrection led by our criminal president trump, and supported by republican douche bags like Ted Cruz. And today, trump was impeached for a second time; a historical low for our country’s government and a super fucking stressful stretch for those of us who are still true Americans and not soulless Nazi MAGAs. But hey, don’t let all of this get you down, Twitter is hear to cheer us up with it’s new trending hashtag #TedCruzIstheTypeofGuyWho.

That’s right, my current not-so-guilty pleasure is scrolling through the ultimate roast of one the most vile and hated republicans alive today: Ted Cruz. And now, I’ll share some of my favorite TedCruzIstheTypeofGuyWho tweets.

Here’s What Twitter Really Thinks About Ted Cruz

It’s on the nose, I know. Sometimes the best roasts are the ones rooted in honesty.

This popular tweet got some funny replies like the one from @priscilla_ who tweeted, “The Zodiac would probably reveal himself just to clear his name from Ted Cruz.” That’s right…not even serial killers like Ted Cruz.

First! I didn’t tweet this! But, I mean…you know it’s true. Especially if it’s trump. (I couldn’t help it!!!!!)

How is this even possible? Don’t stare to long at this one friends…It’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

For sure…

Who doesn’t hate that guy?

Ted Cruz is definitely the type of guy that sticks the watermelon in with the book supplies…and his wife’s tampons in the kids’ toys section when he loses the courage to actually buy them.


As someone who loves horror movies, I can absolutely agree with this one. Ted Cruz is absolutely the guy who gets bit by the zombie, tells no one, and takes out the adorable but disposable “extra” who everyone really wishes would make it to the end of the flick.

I’d believe it.

Just reading this trip makes me hate Ted Cruz more. Because we all know he does this on the regular.

UGH! Ted Cruz IS that guy!

I just threw up in my mouth a little imagining Ted Cruz in his undies. Sorry guys.

If you need to laugh off the end of your days, head on over to Twitter and contribute your own #tedcruzisthetypeofguywho so I can keep on laughing all of the way through inauguration day.

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Annette Benedetti
Annette Benedetti
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