It’s time to start thinking about what you are going to get that special woman in your life for Christmas and the holidays. As a women-owned and operated publication with a platform dedicated to empowering women, I felt it was my sacred responsibility to help you find the perfect gifts for your favorite woman-identifying friend, lover, or family member. And when I say perfect, I mean gifts that she’ll actually want, that give back or help improve the world in at least some small way. I’ve put together a gift guide packed with gifts that are both thoughtful and unique, as well as ethical, handmade, sustainable, inclusive, or in some special way help support the folks who need it most this time of year.

Giving never felt so good. When you purchase a gift from this guide, the giving will feel as amazing as the receiving!

Ethical Gifts She’ll Really Want This Year

Jewelry Gifts for Women

Sunset Earrings

I love this stunning gift for women who love to stand out. These sunset-inspired earrings are handmade using upcycled brass by independent artisans in Kenya. It feels good to give this year!


Birthstone Compass Signet Ring 2 Stones -Starling

This handmade Birthstone Compass Signet Ring isn’t just beautiful, it also symbolizes the guidance of those that help point you in the right direction. Personalize this 2 stone compass ring with the birthstones of loved ones. She’ll never take it off.


Sundial Charm By Conscious Commerce

This one stands out on this list of best gifts for women. Sundials have been used for thousands of years to mark the passing day. Traditionally sundials were engraved with mottos. Each handmade charm comes with a gold foil postcard with the French motto, “et pourtant elle tourne,” which means “and yet she turns.” But, your charm can be custom engraved with your own motto or dedication. 


To The Moon and Back Bracelet Set

For mother and child. This is a very special hand-made gift set that includes a pair of delicate moon and star bracelets. The message: “Because I love you to the moon and back”. Lengths extend to fit multiple sizes to fit mothers & children of all ages.


Snake Necklace and Bracelet By Cleobella

This handmade beauty has a meaning and purpose. The meaning: strength, protection, and feminine power. The snake is a symbol of onward and upward. It offers guidance through change, challenges, and transformational moments. This necklace’s subtle tones of citrine help to boost confidence, and along with the snake offers extra protection. Pair it with the Snake Bracelets by Cleobella and the Cleobella snake wallet.

Snake Bracelet $38

Snake Necklace $58

Mama Bali Bracelet by Cleobella

Give the beloved mom in your life this handmade bracelet created from recycled brass.


Mama Necklace by Cleobella

This sweet, delicate handmade necklace, says everything.


Apparel & Asseccorie Gifts for Women

Giver Frontier Mittens

If you’re looking for gifts for women who love the outdoors, then you can’t go wrong with Giver’s mittens and gloves Designed to to keep her warm whether she’s shoveling snow or ripping down black diamond slopes. Built purposefully to withstand everything from grabbing a burning log from a campfire to ice-fishing in the heart of winter. These mittens are waterproof and perfect for snow sports.


Women’s Go-To Eco-Knit Sneaker

These eco-knit sneakers are stylish, crazy comfy, and ultra-lightweight with a sock-like fit. She will love that they are Eco-friendly, and made with Recycled (rPET) knitting made from plastic water bottles! Hard to believe style and comfort could be good for the earth too!


Eve’s Disclosure Antimicrobial Undies

Give her the gift of underwear that are sexy and healthy! Eve’s Disclosure’s panties are created using IONIC+™ antimicrobial technology featuring the natural powers of silver to provide odor protection, combined with TransDRY® technology to keep you cooler and dry faster. Designed to feel like a second skin that accentuates natural curves while allowing women the freedom to enjoy their day without any pinching or digging into their skin, these underwear are sustainable and eco-friendly. Bonus: Eve’s Disclosure undies are gynecologist-tested and approved!

Prices start at 30

Pear Compression Knee High Socks

These sexy knee-high compression socks are one of the best gifts for women because they are sexy and good for her health. They offer a gentle yet effective graduated compression technology that helps alleviate any swelling or pain in the lower legs while encouraging natural blood and lymph flow to help flush your body of any toxins and rejuvenate your organs. Bonus: All of the materials used to create the socks are verified to be free of chemicals and materials known to be toxic or otherwise harmful.

Starting at $26

Arvin Goods Waffle Knit Beanie

One of the best winter gifts for women is warmth. This waffle knit beanie will keep her toasty and trendy. She’ll love it because of its style and the fact that it’s made from and shipped in recycled materials.


Snake Zip Wallet By Cleobella

This Snake Zip Wallet really sends a message. It’s handmade and communicates the perfect combination of practical and stylish. The leather is buttery soft and the design is dangerously stunning. this gift will definitely make an impression.


WanderFull’s HydroBag

WanderFull makes stylish water bottle bags…or are they Wine bottle bags? It’s really up to her, isn’t it? Whether she’s looking to run to the gym, or carry her evening drink with her, she is going to love this hydro bag. The features she’s going to love include an interchangeable and adjustable strap, and large, double-zipper pockets for storing all the essentials…like a bottle opener.


Island to East Side Customizable Clutch

This is a next-level gift for women who appreciate style. It landed on our gift guide not only because this clutch is gorgeous, but it allows the owner to make a statement. Choose the style, color, design, and lettering. You can even pick a strap to be added! You bet I have one of my own. And I promise she will LOVE it!

30% off the Entire Site for Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Starting at $188

Home & Kitchen Gifts for Women

MOSI All-in-One Infuser

This is the best gift for women who love their tea and want to take it and brew it on the go. The All-in-One Infuser simplifies how and where you brew the perfect cup of anything! Enjoy loose leaf, coffee, matcha, cold brew, and other infusions anywhere. Its durable, double-walled design allows her to brew at home or on the go with ease. It’s BPA-free, shatter, and leakproof!


 Anne Cate Wine Bag 

When it comes to gifts, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine, but why stop there? Deliver it in a reusable, handmade wine tote. You can even customize one with her initials!

Starting at $15


She’s going to love these customizable ice trays. Add her initials, a heart to show your love, or a word that will let her know how you feel. Perfect for that evening nightcap…before you head to the bedroom.

Starting at $29.99

Draft TopDraft Top

This is the perfect gift for women who like their canned cocktails. This tool turns cans into the perfect cup in one quick move. It’ leaves the edges smooth so you can add garnishes and drink without having to worry about getting cut.


Heirloom Video Books

Replay her favorite memories with you together with a 10-minute video book from Heirloom! It’s fast and easy to create and once completed, Heirloom will ship your video book directly to the recipient. Each book comes fully charged and videos play automatically when the cover is opened. This is a special gift that won’t be forgotten

$49, Add a gift box for $12!

Harvest Moon Organic Soy Candle

High on my list of best gifts for women, this organic soy candle jar emits the harvest moon energy with the aroma of ginger and saffron. Embellished with whole cloves to banish negativity and attract love and prosperity it will play a role in getting the new year off to a positive start. When you purchase this candle, you are supporting a small, lgbtq, woman-owned business.


Pure Origin Coffee- Bundle 3-Pack

If the special woman in your life loves coffee then you’ll understand why Pure Origin Coffee made our gift guide for women. This sustainably sourced coffee introduces the coffee connoisseur to the farmers who grew it thanks to the AR technology on all Pure Origin Coffee bags. Their 3 Pack Bundle includes their Kenya, Colombia, and Organic Indonesia single-origin coffee. Bonus: Every purchase empowers coffee farmers around the world by helping with clean water initiatives, access to safe medical care, advancing women’s education, and more. 


Hex the Patriarchy Coffee Mug

The badass babe in your life will love waking up to this sassy mug. What kind of witch doesn’t want to hex the patriarchy at this point? This two-tone, 11 oz custom accent coffee mug makes the perfect gift for women who are ready to fight the patriarchy in 2023.


Lovely Poo Poo Paper Products

What does toilet paper have to do with gift-giving or empowered women? Lovely Poo Poo creates toilet paper, paper towels, and tissue out of FSC-certified, 100% bamboo. There are no inks, dyes, or scents. It’s BPA-free, hypoallergenic, and Eco-friendly. They are as good for the earth as they are for her pussy. No more pussy pears (aka balls of toilet paper in her twat). This toilet paper will leave her feeling fresh, clean, and ready to be intimate with her partner. Stuff her stock. Or leave a pack under the tree. She’ll thank you later.

Swish Cloth – Pack Of Three – Mushroom Design

Who doesn’t love shrooms? I do! These mushroom towels make awesome stocking stuffers. Made from plant-based material, they are absorbent and durable and good for about 3 to 4 months of use. Best of all, they are 100% biodegradable.

20% off Swish from 11/24-11/28 with code “BF2022”


You Light Up Every Room Message Candle

Every candle has a secret message waiting to be revealed. Let that special woman in your life know how much you adore her with this message candle. Candles come with a variety of messages. Choose yours right and light up her holiday with this special gift.


Body Product Gifts For Women

The Body Paddle by Pear

This body paddle is about to become her favorite new wellness tool. When paired with her favorite body oil, the long edge provides a rejuvenating massage that stimulates lymphatic drainage and promotes better.


Ooh La La Flavored Body Butter

Now it’s possible for her to feel good and taste good. This company has created a body butter with sexually empowered women in mind. The body butters taste like their names and smell like them too!  the flavors range from Succulent Strawberry, Luscious Mango, and Juicy Peach to Mellow Marshmallow, Moist Birthday Cake, and Comforting Chocolate. There are Twelve flavors to choose from. All of the options are made from natural ingredients that nourish the skin. She’ll feel so soft after using her gift from Ooh La La, that you’ll want to lick her. Mmm!

Starting at $8

Aura Body Mist By Get Witchy With It

This body mist is one of my very favorites. It’s a gorgeous blend of floral earthy scents with just a touch of spicy nuance. This blend of essential oils enchants your inner Goddess and catches the attention of those around you. Its scent is seductive and sultry with a touch of magic. All body mists are hand mixed and poured with pure and positive intentions. 


Yoni Magick 555

Consider a sex gift for women that is sultry and indulgent. This naturally jasmine-scented oil is for the entire body and it will make her feel like the goddess she is. She won’t want to wear anything else…at all.


Yoni Washes

Goddess Detox Crystal Infused Yoni Washes

Sex Gode$$ Carnelian Crystal, Pu$$y Power Rose Quartz Crystal, and Wealthy Woman Citrine Crystal Infused Yoni & Vaginal Wash are all-natural feminine washes that sexually empowered women will adore. They come with real crystals in the bottle and they will leave your sex-loving woman’s clit tingling long after she steps out of the shower.


Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Serum

She’s going to love this biotin hair-strengthening serum and the dense and lustrous hair she grows after using it. It’s luxurious, and best of all…it’s not tested on animals.


Liberation Nails

Cruelty-free, sustainable, inclusive…what more could you ask for from a nail polish company. Oh, I know! This long-wearing collection is 21-free—no parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, or 16 other potentially toxic ingredients.

With 22 colors to choose from, there’s something for everyone. She’ll love the rich, opaque colors intentionally formulated with natural oils for the ultimate nail nourishment. All-natural essences provide a subtle after-polish aroma with hints of lemon, coconut milk, and vanilla. Yum!


More Gift Ideas For Women
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