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2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Teen Girls

Gift Ideas Straight from the Source: Teen Girls

At She Explores Life, we believe that the youth of today is the key for better tomorrows. We view adolescent girls as the feminist-in-training voice of tomorrow. And as such, we don’t only support them, we want to understand them. That’s why we reached out for their help when putting together our list of best gifts for teen girls.

That’s right, we hit the gram to complete our Teen-inspired gift guide and put together a list that we are confident is sure to illuminate exactly how to handle your favorite teen female this Holiday Season!

Gifts for Teen Girls

money, cash, gifts for teen girls


We asked hundreds of teen girls what they really want to receive and the number 1 response was cold hard cash. That’s right, taking the number one spot on our list of the best gifts for teen girls: money. Stuff it in a gift bag and put a bow on it. Put it in a box, or a gift box in a gift box and wrap it in red wrapping paper. Deliver it however you want to. Just give those young boss babes in your life the coin.

gift card, gifts for teen girls

Gift Card

If you don’t feel great about gifting cash, the second largest requested gift was gift cards from Zumiez, Pack Sun, and urban outfitters. General Gift Cards can also be picked up at almost any store where you can put any amount of money on them you feel comfortable with. Holding a strong number two position on our list of gifts for teen girls: gift cards.

iphone, gifts for teen girls

The iPhone 11

If your teen doesn’t have one, chances are you already know she wants one. It may not be the newest anymore, but iPhone 11 is still one of the best and far more affordable than the iPhone 12. If you want to show her how much you heart her, this will certainly do it! So get that special teen girl the holiday gift she wants most. $599 at apple store.

Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Shoes, gifts for teen girls


Teen girls love their shoes. And boy do they have good taste. Our massive inquiry revealed that parents really should put shoes pretty darn high up on their gifts for teen girls list. These were the top requested shoes that teen girls said they wanted for any holiday or gift-giving occasion.

Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Shoes:
$55, Find it:
Vans Old Skool: $60, Find it:
Nike Air Force 1 ’07: $90, Find it:
Steve Madden Mistin Pointed Bootie: $59.92, Find it:

Airpods pro, gifts for teen girls

Apple Air Pods

AirPods Pro
The crazy expensive wireless earbuds that are Apple air pods, are on nearly every teens wish list, and what we love about buying them from Apple is that you can have them engraved for free.$199
Find it:

Polaroid starter set, gifts for teen girls

Retro self-printing camera Polaroid camera festive starter set

The Polaroid is back baby!! The Festive Edition Starter Set comes with the OneStep 2 Polaroid camera in red, two packs of Festive Red Edition frames, and one pack of Gold Dust Edition frames in 600 color instant film. All a teen gal needs to hold every festive moment in sharp, vivid color.

Find it:

nintendo switch, My favorite things, holiday gift guide

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch™ Lite is one of my favorite things because it is my kids’ favorite thing! This is a new version of the Nintendo Switch system that’s optimized for personal, handheld play. It is small and light and a great price. With a built-in +Control Pad, and a sleek, unibody design, Nintendo Switch Lite is great for on-the-go gaming or gaming while your stuck at home. $199 on Amazon.

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