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Women’s Guide to Fall Gear

Your Guide to the Best Women’s Fall Gear

September 22nd is the first day of fall. But, if you spend any amount of time enjoying the great outdoors, you’ve likely already begun to feel its approach in the air. The fall season means changing weather that can even be unpredictable at times. With COVID-19 limiting indoor activities, being able to get outside is more important than ever. From rain to snow to wind to unexpected warmth, if you are heading out the door to hike, climb or travel across the states, having the right fall gear is key.

We love badass outdoorsy feminists who spend their time hiking, camping, and exploring. The following are our suggestions for the most worthwhile additions to your outdoor wardrobe this fall.

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photo: via Rab

Women’s Fall Clothes

Outdoor enthusiasts agree that the Alpha Flux Jacket by Rab is a must to add to you women’s fall clothing list. This ultra-breathable piece is lightly insulated. It’s also made with stretch fleece so it moves with you comfortably while providing excellent temperature regulation. Its outer layer is made with lightweight nylon for durability. And, when the temps drop fast, the Polartec® Alpha™ Direct insulation keeps you warm.

Outdoor Research’s Interstellar Jacket is another favorite in the women’s fall clothing arena. This hard shell is incredibly light, breathable and has a whole lot of give. With dynamic underarm panels and a helmet-compatible hood it is perfect for high-output activities like ski touring, climbing or really fast, technical hikes.

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photo: Interstellar via Outdoor Research

Ryan Rmarr, the Store Manager at Patagonia@Bend highly recommends Patagonia’s Micro Puff women’s which was jacket released last fall. He says, the idea behind the jacket was to maintain lightweight compressibility similar to down-related products, which compress well but do best in cold and dry conditions. A perfect addition to you women’s fall clothing wardrobe.

Rmarr notes, “In the Pacific northwest we don’t often find ourselves in those perfect conditions. The Micro Puff can maintain its warmth when wet.” Additionally, Rmarr says this unique piece is lightweight and has good compressibility to it. “It’s our lightest most packable insulated jacket ever.”

Patagonia’s Women’s Escala Rock Pants are another store favorite. “These are great in the Pacific northwest, especially in fall and winter months while rock climbing,” says Rmarr. He describes the pants as ultra-tough, stretchy, organic cotton climbing pants.

Along with their durability, the Escala Rock Pants look good. “They are not only comfortable while multi-pitch rock climbing, they are also comfortable to go out to eat in,” says Rmarr.

Miracle Travel Bag
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photo: via Patagonia

For women with a wanderlust that keeps them on the go in the air and on the road, Rmarr highly recommends the Patagonia Black Hole® MLC® (Maximum Legal Carryon). This bag is designed to meet most airline carry on rules. This miraculous bag is a super durable, soft fabric suitcase that converts into a backpack or briefcase!

According to Rmarr, it has enough room and organization that you can travel with it as if it were a full-sized suitcase. It has multiple compartments for clothing items travel essentials like your passport. “If you are flying from Portland to Istanbul, you can bring it onboard as a carryon. And as you arrive in Istanbul, you can pull out the straps and carry it on your back like a backpack,” says Rmarr.

This bag’s durability allows you to push the limits without worrying. And, Even if you leave it out in the rain for a bit, it’s likely to keep all of your gear dry. (Note: Not a dry bag!)

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