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Holiday Gift Guide 2020: My Favorite Things

Finding My Favorite Things in 2020

2020 has been a hell of a ride. COVID-19 forced us to adapt to life in lock down, and what most of us thought would last for weeks, turned into months of a quarantine. With most of my favorite things to do outside of the house off limits, I turned to the internet for solace, and what I discovered was a whole new world of “favorite things”. Fortunately for you, my new favorite things make awesome gifts for loved ones, and when rounded up, create a pretty awesome gift guide for the 2020 holiday season.

Why My Holiday Gift Guide for 2020 Should Be Your #1 Shopping Guide

Forbes, Glamour, and the Washington Post have all published their Holiday Gift Guides for 2020. So, why should you bother with mine? I’ll tell you why. I’ve put an exorbitant number of hours into online shopping in 2020. I have surfed the web in search of any and all things that have the ability to make living during a pandemic–and long after it is over–better. And when I say better, I mean that the products and services I found make life easier, funner, healthier, more active and more comfortable. Best of all, I personally paid for and tried out all of the gifts ideas you’ll find in this guide.

That’s right, unlike many of the other guides you are going to come across, none of my picks are paid for or bought by businesses looking to promote. I purchased them, used them and put my personal stamp of approval on each one.

The following is my holiday gift guide for 2020 based on all of my favorite things. Read on to find out more.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Women

Adore Me Membership

One of my most favorite things that I have discovered this year is my love for lingerie and I hit the jackpot when I discovered Adore Me. This is one of those memberships that makes the ultimate gift for that special woman in your life. Adore Me lingerie is comfortable, beautiful, sexy and affordable. My drawers are overflowing with bra and panty sets and lingerie for special moments and I have no plans on canceling anytime soon. I’ll share some of my favorite pieces later. But for now, trust me, this is one of those gifts she’ll never forget. Depending on membership $39.95 – $59.95 with monthly fee.

L’Oréal Pure Glycolic Acid Serum

I put some serious research into skin products while cooped up by COVID. If you want to give that special woman in your life a dream stocking stuffer, this anti-aging serum will light her up. This daily exfoliating serum visibly evens skin tone and reduce wrinkles fast. Within one week you skin is resurfaced, seriously appears visibly brighter and feels smoother. $16:75 on Amazon.

Kingole Fleece Throw Blanket

Forget standard sheets, I sleep wrapped in this velvety fleece throw blanket every damn night–regardless of the season. But, with cold weather upon us, your loved ones will appreciate this luxurious blanket in their lives. It provides warmth, comfort and can wrap your mother, lover or child in sweetness when you aren’t there to hold them yourself. This is one of my favorite things, that is sure to become their favorite too. $30 on Amazon.

Queen Ann Style Mirror Wood Floor Cheval Mirror by Roundhill

Every woman needs a full length mirror to view themselves in. This oval Cheval Mirror by Roundhill is light and easy to move around the room, yet sturdy and elegant looking. I absolutely love the way it looks in my dressing room, and it makes getting ready without fighting my teens for a mirror possible. $39.99 on Amazon.

My favorite things, holiday gift guide 2020, alo moves

Alo Moves

COVID made staying in shape more difficult than ever, fortunately Alo Moves has an online solution that brings the best fitness instructors in the word right into your home. I swear by this streaming service, which has become my favorite way to workout. While this company is rooted in yoga (and offers plenty of yoga classes) their site features all kinds of workouts including HIIT, Barre, Pilates, strength and more. There are workout series you can follow, or you can queue a variety of classes ranging from 10-minutes in duration to an hour and run one after the other. I dropped weight fast with Alo Moves and haven’t gotten bored once. Gift someone you love a year’s subscription and they’ll love you forever. $20/month or $99.50 / year.

Sunny Health & Fitness Dual Function Magnetic Rowing Machine

This rowing machine is super affordable and incredibly compact. It’s easy to prop in the corner of any room after use, and it’s suprisingly solid for such and affordable workout machine. One of the things that makes it one of my favorite things is how quiet it is. I can listen to an audio book or TV show without struggling to hear during my workout. It’s only $299 on Amazon.

nintendo switch, My favorite things, holiday gift guide

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch™ Lite is one of my favorite things because it is my kids’ favorite thing! This is a new version of the Nintendo Switch system that’s optimized for personal, handheld play. It is small and light and a great price. With a built-in +Control Pad, and a sleek, unibody design, Nintendo Switch Lite is great for on-the-go gaming or gaming while your stuck at home. $199 on Amazon.

my favorite things, bulb string lights

 Led Mini Ball String Lights with Remote

I’m not sure I can express how much I adore these lights. I don’t even bother with any other lighting in my room anymore. They are soft and beautiful and the remote makes adjusting lighting from bed easy. The remote has 8 modes that make the lights blink in a variety of speeds and patterns and you can adjust the brightness as well. These make an awesome stocking stuffer or regular gift. Only $15 on Amazon.

phillips trimmer, holiday gift guide 2020

Philips Bikiniperfect Advanced Bikini Trimmer Kit

Every woman knows how hard it is to get a smooth, beautifully shaped bikini line without bumps and rashes. You will not find a better personal shaver than this one. I promise. It will quickly become your favorite. Trim, shape or remove the hair down there with this incredibl bikini trimmer kit. Bikini Perfect has the super-precise tools, including six foolproof hair removal attachments, that make it easy to give yourself a flawless bikini line. Only $54.97 on

Selfie Stick Tripod, UBeesize 51″ Extendable Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote 

Sometimes you just want to take a photo of yourself that’s not a selfie. This little instrument works as a selfie stick, but is best used as a tripod. It’s easy to set up quick and I love the blue tooth remote. It folds way down so it’s easy to tote around with you, and you’ll no longer depend on friends and family to get that shot you were hoping for. It’s a perfect gift for the women and teens in your life. $20.39 on Amazon.

leg warmers, holiday gift guide

Toe Sox Leg Warmer Open Heel

I fell in love with leg warmers this fall and I wear them all of the time. These are less traditional, but I love them for the fit and staying power (they don’t slip down). They are lighter than my other sets and really look sexy on. Perfect in the stocking or under the tree. $15.40

SiO Beauty Patches

These “FaceLift Patches” really do work–at least for several hours throughout the day. They combine compression and deep skin hydration to smooth away wrinkles and help prevent future wrinkles. SiO beauty patches helped plump and tighten my skin and are great gifts for women who care about their look but aren’t ready to commit to Botox. Range of prices depending on package.

my favorite things, teeth whitening

SNOW Teeth Whitening

I love, love, love this at home teeth whitening system. It’ takes a good week or two to make a significant difference, but it’s really easy on your teeth and gums (zing-free) and simple to integrate into your regular routine. My smile shines bright now! I’d highly recommend it as a gift to anyone in your life who has been looking into teeth whitening. I had zero regrets with this purchase. $140

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