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Find Your Tribe: Awaken Women’s Retreat

“Truly, we know that we cannot really subsist on little sips of life. The wild force in a woman’s soul demands that she have access to it all. ”

— Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Awaken: A Women’s Retreat for All

The Imagine coming together with a tribe of diverse women in all stages of life: those new to womanhood, some in throes of motherhood, many striving to build careers, and a few facing menopause and retirement. How often are women categorized and separated one from the other by age, interest, stage of life, or career choice? Awaken allows attendees to shed the superficial labels we all live under and come together for a weekend of true connection.

Ritual & Nature’s Healing Powers

Throughout the ages, women have used ritual and sacred ceremony to connect with nature and the source of their own being, where wisdom lies. Awaken Women’s Retreat draws upon the practices of yoga, meditation, art, writing, ritual, ceremony, energy healing, connection, and immersion in nature to allow attendees to access their own inner wisdom and guidance and reconnect with their own knowledge and truth.

With the struggles of daily life including work, family, and relationships, it is easy to become so caught up in trying to live that we forget we are meant to thrive. Awaken Women’s Retreat leaves participants feeling refreshed, embodied, and ready to move into their lives with grace and ease.

Women's Retreat

photo: via Sacred Mother’s Retreat FB

What to Expect

Awaken Retreat takes women away from the hustle and bustle of life and provides them with time to relax, breathe, and just be; and time to connect with nature, with other women, and with their true self. With all that has taken place this year, now is the time for women to be heard, acknowledged, and supported within a sacred circle of women.

Awaken provides a safe and powerful container for connection. When women leave the Central Oregon wilderness where the retreat is held, they will feel refreshed and in touch with parts of themselves they thought were lost. Attendees will have also gained deep, soulful connections with other women who attended —their new tribe. And they will have a stronger connection to their inner truth.

Women's Retreat

Who Will Benefit From Awaken Retreat?

  • Any person who identifies as a woman
  • Women who are ready to come back home to their deeper/hidden selves
  • Women who are ready for inner contemplation, learning, and growth
  • Mothers and daughters who long for a deeper connection to each other
  • Women who are ready to step into courageousness and allow their truth to be heard
  • Women who are sick of doing what they are supposed to do and are ready to do what their hearts long for
  • Mothers who have lost their sense of self and are ready to reconnect with parts of themselves they have lost

Retreat Activities

This retreat allows for a nourishing balance between connecting to others, experiential spiritual activities, time in nature, and personal downtime.

Activities Include:

  • Group psychic reading
  • Vinyasa and restorative yoga classes
  • Dream Circle
  • Meditation
  • Group Art Exploration
  • Exploring unconscious themes through tarot
  • Group Ceremony
  • Bonfires
  • Hikes
  • Writing Workshops

Lodging and Meals

Awaken Retreat will be held at Suttle Lake Camp in Wesley Meadow Lodge. Each woman will have her own room unless she asks to bunk with a friend.  Accommodations are rustic and simple.

Meals are mostly organic and home cooked as well as gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan. Sometimes additional items are provided to allow those who aren’t on a limited diet to feel satisfied too.

women's retreat

Women’s Retreat Facilitators

The retreat facilitators are all women and include retreat founder Shanti O’Connor, a nationally certified counselor with a Masters in Counseling who is also is a licensed teacher, a certified hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master and the owner of The Hive healing community in Bend Oregon.

She Explores Life Founder, Annette Benedetti, is a writer, editor, and yoga teacher and offers both yoga and writing workshops at the retreat (she’s also been known to go skinny dipping there). Lauren Van Coutren is a natural artist, Aroma Touch Technique Certified, and a yoga teacher. She brings her skills to lead art, yoga and an array of retreat activities. Sara Beth Feley is a licensed marriage and family therapist and facilitates group activities and circles alongside Shanti and on her own.

Awaken Women’s Retreat Details

When: Feb. 22-24

Where: Suttle Lake Camp 29551 Suttle Lake Rd, Sisters, OR

Price: $475

Contact: For early enrollment and to secure your spot, e-mail Shanti at rootedandopen@gmail.com

Online: rootedandopen.com/awaken

photos: via Sacred Mother’s Retreat FB

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