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Incredible Couples Sex Retreats & Resorts to Book Now!

Level Up Your Sex Life with These Surprisingly Hot Couples’ Sexuality Retreats

You’ve heard of yoga retreats, wellness retreats, and weight loss camps disguised as retreats. But, did you know that there are Sex and intimacy retreats for couples that could take your sex life to the next level? These sex retreats, resorts and cruises are located all over the world and provide couples looking to explore their sexuality, intensify their romance and expand their sex lives with experiences and guidance that go way beyond what they can find in the therapist’s office.

If you and your partner or partners are looking to spend this summer on a vacation of a lifetime coupled with incredible, exotic, and even kinky sex experiences; you’ll want to look into booking your spot at one of the following couples’ sexual resorts, cruises, and retreats. Your next vacation could be your sexiest fantasy come true.

6 of the Best Sex & Intimacy Retreats & Resorts

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

For a sensual experience that feels like a fantasy, book your stay at the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort. This hot spot bills itself a seductive couples-only sexual retreat with a secret, secluded location that is within walking distance of the bustling Puerto Morelos area where you can find restaurants serving local fare and jungle adventures when you aren’t getting sexy with your partner (which won’t be often).

Your couple’s sexual retreat accommodations include waking up in one of 88 gorgeous, oversized, villa-style rooms, suites, or lofts. You’ll love the premium all-inclusive program which includes a wine cellar, three specialty restaurants, a delightful coffee corner, and four bars serving luxury spirits.

But the entertainment and sexual experiences are at the center of this couple’s sexuality resort. Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort invites its guests to discover a world of sensual experiences with provocative day and night entertainment, clothing-optional areas, and a jacuzzi and playroom.

You can also attend intimate couple’s workshops, racey activities, and seductive-themed nights.

Finally ,level up your experience when you book a stay at the Desire Mansion. This exclusive hideaway nestled within the heart of the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort. With two Royal Suites and 6 Mansion Suites, guests enjoy unique, seductive spaces for friendly encounters, taking their Desire experience to the next level and converting fantasy into reality. Mansion perks include an on-call butler, massages and beauty salon, a private pool, and a guest pass for friends staying at the main resort.

Online: Desire Riviera Maya Pearl

Temptation Cancun Resort

Temptation Cancun Resort provides a next-level fun-centric take on an adults-only, all-inclusive vacation. This couple’s sex retreat promises a hip vibe that is considered the hallmark of this beachfront resort. You will enjoy topless-optional areas, where the party is always raging and guests feel simultaneously invigorated and relaxed.

If you have been seeking an authentic, one-of-a-kind playground for adults then Temptation Cancun might be the right place for you. Its all-inclusive perks include access to 7 restaurants, a sensational Sexy Pool, an unparalleled party zone with sensual activities, themed party nights, and more.

In the evening, you’ll want to head to the bash, the centerpiece of the resort, which sets the scene for the signature themes nights, where guests party with each other all night long!

Online: Temptation Cancun Resort

sex and intimacy retreats for couples
via Hedonism Resort

Sex Resort: Hedonism II Resort (Negril, Jamaica)

Are you looking for a sexy getaway that doesn’t necessarily come with relationship therapy? Hedonism II Resort, located in Negril, Jamaica is perfect for the sexy couple (or single) looking to throw aside all inhibitions and dive directly into the work/play of satisfying sexual fantasies. The sensual and liberating environment of Hedonism II offers vacationers two options. The clothing-optional stay or the totally nude vacation. This iconic resort is all-inclusive and you can expect gourmet meals and top-shelf cocktails. It features a spa and countless amenities like volleyball, scuba diving, snorkeling, and tennis. But, most importantly, guests have an opportunity to visit the resort’s playroom called the romping shop.“Romping Shop” playroom is open to couples, single women, and invited single men. Expect to be nude and see lots of naked bodies. This is a sex-positive playland perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Online: hedonism.com/

Intimacy Moons (Lucia, Carrabean)

IntimacyMoons provides a couples experience designed to help you escape the pressures of everyday life and reconnect while enhancing your emotional and sexual connection. The retreats offer a balance among small-group learning, individual couples work, self-directed activities, and excursions. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow together, make new friends while still enjoying personal, sacred time for the relationship. The next couple’s retreat is from July 4-10 in Lucia. The retreat includes a seven-day and six-night stay at East Winds Resort with all meals included (organic farm-to-table). Couples will also participate in nine hours of small-group retreat sessions over 3 days with IntimacyMoons Instructor

Online: intimacymoons.com/

Monterey Stay & Play Resort (Salinas, California)

Located in Salinas, CA, Monterey Stay and Play is a private, secluded erotic sexual resort for couples that is akin to a kinky BnB. It is easily one of the best spots for a BDSM vacation. This sex and intimacy resort provides guests with a safe place to explore their fantasies, fetishes, and erotic lifestyles, all in the comforts of a well-appointed room and board. Your experience is only limited only by your imagination—they provide the accouterments to make your fantasies it a reality.

While many couples indulge in BDSM fantasies, most hotels don’t offer the privacy or equipment needed. Monterey Stay and Play is a bed and bondage facility that offers a space for erotic entertainment with discretion. Even couples who aren’t ready to jump into the kink BDSM lifestyle can enjoy hot sex with the dungeon as a backdrop. You can try out different toys without having to make an investment in items that you may not end up enjoying.

Online: eroticroomandboard.com

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