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Good News! Lizzo Donates $500,000 to Planned Parenthood & Inspires Other Artists to Do the Same

I love Lizzo for so many reasons including her badass, take-no-shit body positivity, and her love and support for the LGBTQ+ community. She sets an excellent example for the rest of the world and other artists to follow in everything she does including taking action to support reproductive rights after the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, which effectively eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion that had been in place for almost 50 years. So, what have we recently learned? When Lizzo donates to Planned Parenthood, other artists take notice and follow suit.

On Friday, the grammy-winning goddess shared that she is donating $500,000 to Planned Parenthood from the earnings of her upcoming tour. Lizzo also announced that Live Nation, which is hosting her tour, agreed to match her donation, making the total donation to Planned Parenthood to $1 million.

Lizzo shared her thoughts via Instagram stating, “The most important thing is action and loud voices,@PlannedParenthood @abortionfunds and organizations like them will need funding to continue offering services to people who are most harmed by this ban. Black women and women of color have historically had disproportionately less access to family planning resources — this is a great loss, but not a new one.”

Lizzo Donates & Rage Against the Machine Joins

A move that inspired other artists to join her efforts, Rage Against the Machine announced similar plans shortly after Lizzo’s announcement. They will donate nearly a half-million dollars to reproductive rights organizations in Wisconsin and Illinois.

“We are disgusted by the repeal of Roe V. Wade and the devastating impact it will have on tens of millions of people,” Rage Against the Machine wrote. “Over half of the country (26 states) is likely to ban or seriously restrict abortion very soon, if not immediately, which will have a disproportionate impact on poor, working-class and undocumented BIPOC communities.”

They went on to say, “To date, our fans have raised $475,000 from the sale of our charity tickets from Alpine Valley and the United Center. We are donating that money to reproductive rights organizations in Wisconsin and Illinois. Like the many women who have organized sophisticated railroads of resistance to challenge these attacks on our collective reproductive freedom, we must continue to resist.”

While it’s easy to feel hopeless and defeated, there is hope in the good news that folks with the financial means are stepping up to send money where it needs to be. Wondering what you can do. This article outlines how you can make a difference by boycotting anti-reproductive rights companies, donating and joining protests being held across the country.

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