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Why We Love Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show

You should be celebrating JLo & Shakira’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Let me be up front: I only watch the 2020 Super Bowl for the ads and half-time show. I could care less about football. This year’s Super Bowl got of to a real bad start with me folks. The opening commercials were a huge disappointment. And then there was the trump commercial featuring people of color.

My blood boiled.

I almost threw the towel in, then instead, and I opted for the sweet comfort of booze and nachos and stuck with it for the Super Bowl halftime show which with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performing, promised to be incredible. Let’s just say JLo and Shakira did not disappoint.

By now, you are all fully aware of the incredible spectacle that was the JLO/Shakira Super Bowl halftime show. The two female pop artists moved their bodies in ways my mind still can’t comprehend (but I might try to learn someday). The performance was not-so-subtly infused with political, cultural and feminist messages. They put on an unforgettable 14-minute show that showed the world how powerful women of color are.

I was excited to share my thoughts on the show and engage with other activated women in inspired conversations. Much to my dismay, the first social posts I came across were complaints about how the two artists were moving their bodies, the pole, and of course, the outfits.

Here’s the thing. I was ready for uncomfortable comments from men. I can hardly even bother getting upset by them anymore. But the early posts I came across were all created by women. It was so damned disappointing.

Largely, the primary complaints about the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show were that Lopez and Shakira were dressed too sexy and danced too sexy…everything was just too damned sexy for these ladies’ eyes! They were especially uncomfortable with the kink! (cue long slow eyeroll—some sisters are clearly living 50 Shades light to vanilla in the bedroom).

And God forbid the children see these two women shaking their asses and twirling around a pole!

Super Bowl Halftime Show, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira

Pearls were being clutched all across America.

I was shocked by the slut shaming, the body shaming, the age shaming, and the racism! It was just mind boggling. I mean, it’s worth noting that these same women have yet to complain about the way cheerleaders at the 2020 Super Bowl dress and move their bodies. Please note: we totally approve of them as well.

It was hard not to want to jump into writing a piece clearly explaining why the negative reaction from so many women and men was problematic (and just plain wrong). Instead, I decided to pivot in a positive direction.

I want to continue riding the high I experienced after watching the incredible Super Bowl halftime performance that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira put on so I’m going to share all of the reasons She Explores Life is celebrating JLo and Shakira’s 14-minute Super Bowl halftime show.

Here’s why we are celebrating the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show, and you should too.

  1. JLo and Shakira were the first two Latina performers to perform together during the Superbowl halftime show!
  2. These two talented WOC took that stage by force and were unafraid to wear what they wanted, move how they wanted and say what they needed to say. If you were waiting for a shero, you’ve got two to model yourself after.
  3. These two stars represented their heritage, Hispanic/American residents, as well as the countries where their families or they themselves, were born. It was a perfect reminder that what makes America special is that it is a giant melting pot.
  4. Jennifer Lopez put the spotlight back on Puerto Rico when she performed “Let’s Get Loud” wearing a giant coat that featured the red white and blue of the Puerto Rico on one side and the red, white and blue of the US flag on the other. A blatant reminder of the poor treatment Puerto Rico has received from our government.
  5. Let’s face it. This halftime show was bold middle finger to slut shaming, sex shaming, body shaming…you name it, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira weren’t having any of the shamings often directed towards women.
  6. This halftime show officially debunked the myth that women over forty are irrelevant. At the ages of 43 (Shakira) and 50 (Jennifer), these two, oh so sexy performers, who had so many ladies out there grabbing for their neck jewelry, are well past the big 4 0. So clutch away ya’ll.
  7. Lopez and Shakira weren’t about to let us forget that we keep kids in cages in America. Near the end of the show, glowing cages with child performers “locked” inside made a strong statement about the immigration injustices occurring in our country today. The performance was even more poignant when the children began singing “Born in the USA”. (I get chills just writing about it.)
  8. JLo’s pole dance perfectly demonstrated how women are reclaiming pole dancing as an act of empowerment. It was also a nod to her movie “Hustlers” which told the story of how strippers took back control from the greasy, sleazy male Wall Street employers and workers. We approve.
  9. For all of the parents out there gasping and covering their children’s eyes, the highlight of the night was when Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme Maribel Muniz joined her mother on stage to perform. That’s right, strong, talented women raise strong talented children. Parents should take note.
  10. Shakira’s moves may have troubled some, but they were tribute to her culture. We got to see incredible belly dancing from her Middle Eastern side (her father is Lebanese) and a few Afro-Colombian dances as well. And of course, there was the meme-worthy tongue thing…that turned out to be a popular Arab tradition called Zaghrouta, a way to express happiness in Arab culture. Let’s just say she helped educate the American masses who prefer to call anything they don’t understand bad, wrong or ridiculous.

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