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Alternatives to Victoria’s Secret & 10 Brands to Wear Instead

Why We are Shopping Lingerie Alternatives to Victoria’s Secret & You Should Too

Wearing sexy lingerie can be sexually empowering for some women. Slinking into lingerie is a great way to remind yourself (and your partner or partners) how hot you really are. But before you hop online to shop for your next corset, you should think twice before pulling up your go-to lingerie shop if it happens to be Victoria’s Secret. Instead, we want to encourage you to consider shopping body positive and inclusive alternatives to Victoria’s Secret. We know that Victoria’s Secret has been a go-to lingerie staple for many, but it’s long past time for that to change.

The following are the reasons why we think you should take a moment to read our list of awesome lingerie alternatives to Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret Vs. Inclusive Lingerie Brands

Victoria’s Secret built an empire with a foundation that depends on the survival of misogyny and sexism. ThirdLove said it best in a letter published in New York Times in 2018 to Victoria’s Secret’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Razek: “You market to men and sell a male fantasy to women…it’s time to stop telling women what makes them sexy — let us decide. ” 

The letter was written in response to Razek’s transphobic and fatphobic comments made to Vogue during an interview that drew an instant angry response from…well…everyone who values women and inclusivity. But to be honest, his comments were just the nail in the coffin.

Victoria’s Secret built its success off of peddling unrealistic beauty standards to the masses, and then upped its efforts with its PINK line, which was designed to draw young girls in—much like a pedophile.

So, in my strong opinion, it’s time for women to try something new

Awesome Alternatives to Victoria’s Secret

Believe it or not, you can enjoy body positive, sexy, functional and fun lingerie without supporting a bad business. True, Victoria’s Secret has recently pivoted and started using a wider variety of models, but we say, “Way too late!” So, we’ve pulled together a list of lingerie brands that are awesome alternatives to Victoria’s Secret. They are woman owned or woman run or dedicated to representing all sizes and ethnicities on their sites and promotional materials.

The following are lingerie businesses that will have you feeling sexy even if you are all by yourself, without the guilt associated with giving Victoria’s Secret a cent.

Bijoux Indiscrets

This truly unique company is one of our favorite alternatives to Victoria’s Secret. Along with beautiful lingerie assessors, you’ll also find sexy toys and sex enhancers on their site. And we’ve got good news for you. They’ve offered 20% discount to all She Explores Life Readers. Just follow the link below to get started shopping and then enter the code Sheexploreslife20.

Get started shopping Here

Pure Upscale

Have you ever had fantasies about being a stripper? This awesome shop offers all of the pieces you’d need to look hot on a pole. Sex positive and filled with a wide variety of sexy lingerie, you’ll fall in love with shopping this alternative to Victoria’s Secret.

Find this cute piece Here

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This online store is one of my favorites to shop. They offer a large, diverse line of lingerie in styles and sizes for everyone. It doesn’t hurt that Yandy’s mission is to empower women & men to accept their sensuality in all of its physical, mental, emotional, and healthful facets. As a women’s sexual empowerment site, we love that their goal is to normalize the conversation about the sexual pleasures and sensual experiences of every body. And their affordable prices mean everyone can afford to something Hot! Hot! Hot! to wear.

Get this piece Here

And just in time for the New Year, you can have something sexy when the ball drops with this limited special they are offering!

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Alternative to Victoria's Secret

Empress Mimi

This lingerie shop has gorgeous pieces that you’ll drool over! Empress Mimi is a lingerie subscription box that invites you to re-imagine the Woman as Goddess and is carefully designed to make every woman feel like an Empress. Empress Mimi reimagines the subscription box model by delivering whimsical and sexy wire-free lingerie designs which inspire and empower. Started in London by an all-female team to celebrate femininity and inspire unconditional self-love in the wearer, packages include everything from delectable undies and delicate jewelry to kimonos, silky negligees, nipple tassels and whips.

Shop Empress Mimi: Here


We absolutely LOVE this lingerie company and you will too. Underclub is a designer underwear subscription service supporting all people in feeling their most confident, badass, and sexy selves. They believe in using Their platform and voice to highlight the beauty and value of diversity across colors, shapes and sizes. A huge bonus is that they currently deliver XS-4XL pieces to people who identify as female and male. We love all of their pieces like this exclusive Kilo Brava Ribbed Tank & Boy Short set.

Sign up for the subscription Here. And right now they are offering a free thong with any subscription order!

Pink Queen

Affordable, gorgeous and body positive, what more could we ask for? Pink Queen is a Victoria’s Secret Alternative that is easy to love and hard to stop shopping once you’ve gotten started.

Find this piece Here

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Foxy Lingerie

At any given time, offers approximately 2,500 products that are available for ordering and shipping. This company has over a decade of experience selling products on the Internet, which means you get to enjoy quality products at reasonable prices that are shipped on time. You can buy this set here.

alternatives to victoria's secret

Hosiery Etc.

Selling oh so much more than hosiery, this shop is a must on your “to check out” list when you are shopping for lingerie. Hosiery Etc. offers an array of high-quality apparel including Lingerie, Hosiery, Bodystocking, Plus Size lingerie, and much more! Their passion is serving sexually empowered women who wish to have an enchanted evening of romance by providing products that amplify the sexy in us all. 

Find this baby doll Here.

Find more cute stuff Here.

Lavina Lingerie

Founded in 2002, Lavinia Lingerie is a family-owned business that brings beautifully-made, uniquely-styled lingerie to its customers. They design Their collection of lingerie with today’s dynamic woman in mind and believe that while intimate apparel serves a function, it can also empower you.

Lavina’s Mantra?

Every Woman, Every Day: Dynamic, Beautiful and Strong. Celebrate your beauty with Lavinia Lingerie’s collection of intimate apparel and activewear. It all begins with a foundation.

Shop Here


We can’t forget one of our favorite alternatives to Victoria’s Secret, the body positive organization that stood up to VS. Launched in 2013, ThirdLove is credited with the invention of the half-cup size (Yay!). Along with filling their website with images of women of all sizes, they make functional, comfortable, and beautiful underwear, bras, lounge wear and nightwear that offers an easy fit for every woman.  Hate going to the store to try on bras? ThirdLove has a mobile app that allows you to size yourself at home.

Shop Here:

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  1. Hello, I was so excited when I saw the title of this article but I was a little disappointed at the lack of inclusivity in sizes of these brands. Particularly with cup sized bras, the highest they go up to is a G cup (UK or I cup US) and all assume that large cup size = large back size. As a UK size 32J (32M us) which is not an uncommon size, I would love to see cute and comfortable underwear like this available to more than just very slim or small busted women.

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