Women’s Sexuality & the Role of Damsel in Distress

cathy reed, women's sexuality

Discover the role that the “damsel in distress role” plays in women’s sexuality and find out what you can do to change it.

A Girls Guide to an Authentic Life

living authentically

The Key to Keeping It Real It’s not easy to live an authentic life. Despite our best efforts to be honest and real with those around us, women often find themselves going against their beliefs and values in friendships, relationships,… Continue Reading…

Ditch the Studio: Take Your Yoga Practice Home

yoga practice at home

How to Create Your Personalized Yoga Practice at Home Have you always wanted to learn yoga, but you just can’t stand the idea of joining that trendy yoga studio down the street? Or, perhaps you’ve been practicing yoga for years,… Continue Reading…

Girls Night Movie Review: Elsewhere

Elsewhere Movie Review

Read our movie review of Elsewhere. A heartwarming dramedy with a feminist take on life, love and finding home.

2o things that Drug Dealers HATE

Drugs, woman's guide, experiment with drugs

Live in a state where pot is still illegal? A woman’s guide to experimenting with drugs. 20 things drug dealers hate.

A Women’s Guide to Skinny Dipping

woman skinny dipping

From tips for overcoming body image issues to the best spots to skinny dip, this is the ultimate women’s guide to skinny dipping..

What 2019 Taught Us About How to Have the Best Sex in 2020

best sex, 2019, 2020, women's sexuality

Ladies! From science to toys to helpful tips, find out everything we learned about having the best sex of your life in 2019. This is your guide to better sex in 2020.

How to Support Travel-Obsessed Women

travel-obsessed, woman

The following are some awesome way to support the travel-obsessed women in your life. (Hint: go with them!).

Ideas For Your Next Girls Night

girls night

Are you tired of having the same old plans every girls night? Switch things up with these fun ideas. You might even save some cash.

30 Mary Oliver Quotes You Need Now

Mary Oliver Quotes, Inspiring Quotes

Celebrate Mary Oliver’s life with these quotes. They teach you just about everything you need to know about living (and leaving) life.