Ask the Goddess: Sex & Relationship Questions Answered (Kinda)

Ask the Goddess is a progressive sex and relationship advice column that helps readers find the answers they are looking for.

Ladies! How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life in 2019

best sex

Ladies! From science to toys to helpful tips, find out everything you need to know to have the best sex of your life in 2019.

50 First Dates Uncensored: Polyamory, Mormons & Unicorns

50 First Dates Uncensored includes a closer look at living authentically and reveals the author’s leveled-up approach to her dating challenge.

50 First Dates: Commence Operation Get Laid!


Commited to going on 50 first dates, our author continues her dating adventure and implements Operation Get Laid!

50 First Dates: The End Of The Beginning


The second installment of the 50 First Dates Challenge adventure. Join the author as she learns a whole lot about herself from online dating.

50 First Dates, Their Yelp Reviews & Reclaiming My Identity After Divorce

How I un-fucked my life with two lists and a commitment to going on 50 first dates. Read their Yelp reviews and find out what I learned.

Understanding Archetypes: Why We Sabotage Opportunities & Relationships

Understanding the archetypes. Befriending the saboteur can save you from sabotaging opportunities and relationships, and closing your heart.