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6 Hot Date Ideas from a Sex Educator

I’ve been in the sex industry for 15 years, and there’s one thing I’ve seen consistently: Couples crave novelty during sex. When my company, FUN FACTORY, did a survey last year, 78% of people said they wanted to try new things in bed with their partners. Of those people, a majority said they wanted to experiment with new techniques and positions. That’s just what I’d expect, given that newness keeps sex orgasmic and strengthens a couple’s connection.

That’s why FUN FACTORY created the BLOW & GLOW Kit, which brings new sensations to blowjobs and all sorts of other sex acts. It includes two bestselling toys (MANTA and NŌS), an aphrodisiac massage candle, six technique videos, four games, and a cute hair scrunchie—just because. 

If you’re one of the people looking for novelty, I’ve got you. Below are 6 playful dates ideas that end in hot sex, with or without toys. 

Date Idea #1: Dance at a club or concert.

Release those endorphins, then come home and peel off each other’s sweaty clothes. Have your partner put on a c-ring, like NŌS, before you go down, so the penis feels even more sensitive. 

Date Idea #2: Watch a movie on the big screen with snacks.

Relive that first-date excitement (will your hands brush in the popcorn bag?). Then, when you get home, stroke your partner’s vulva or your own with NŌS, which doubles as a powerful finger vibe.

Date Idea #3: Take a long weekend vacay.

There’s something so refreshing about experiencing a whole new city that’s just a short drive away from your home. Bring all that joy back to your hotel room and masturbate side by side with versatile vibes like BE·ONE and VOLTA. Seeing the other person pleasure themself is a visual pick-me-up.

Date Idea #4: Make a candlelit dinner at home.

Prepare your partner’s favorite foods, and pay extra attention to the wine or mocktail pairing. If you’re burning a massage candle, put it to good use after the meal. Pour the hot oil into your palm and caress your partner’s body in light, wide strokes. When it comes time to get busy, a vibrating c-ring like NŌS stimulates both partners at the same time—NŌS actually helps couples reach orgasm simultaneously!

Date Idea #5: Browse a bookstore or vintage shop.

A quiet date destination gives you and your partner space to talk and flirt. You’ll still have plenty of energy by the time you get home, so wear each other out with oral sex. When you hold MANTA, a vibrating stroker, at the base of the penis, every blowjob feels like deep throat.

Dae Idea #6: Hike someplace scenic. 

After a long, sweaty hike, the two of you will probably want to shower—together. Bring in a body-safe, waterproof dildo or vibrator to open up more stimulating possibilities. All FUN FACTORY’s toys are waterproof, so you can choose something you like without a second thought.

By Kristen Tribby

Kristen Tribby is Head of Global Marketing and Education for Fun Factory, an award-winning German pleasure product manufacturer.


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