Spoiler Alert: It’s not heterosexual women. Heterosexual women are not having orgasms folks and there are plenty of orgasm gap statistics and facts in 2023 to back up that suspicion we’ve all had that women are faking orgasms a lot! What we’ve got here is an Orgasm Gap. Not sure what that means? After you’ve read all the stats I’ve gathered you sure as hell will.

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    The bottom line is that there have been tons of research done studying who is having orgasms when they bang and who isn’t, and the quick and the dirty is that men are having a shit load of orgasms, lesbian women are definitely getting off, and heterosexual women are getting damn good at faking orgasm because they aren’t cumming during sex much at all.

    So let’s break the orgasm gap stats down.

    Orgasm Gap Statistics You Needed to Know Yesterday

    Orgasm gap statistics
    • 81.6% of women don’t orgasm from penetrative intercourse alone. No matter how hard you jack rabbit.
    • Only 18.4% of women report that Penis in vagina sex is sufficient to orgasm.
    • 95% of heterosexual men usually or always orgasm during sexual activity, while a mere
    • 65% of the heterosexual women they are banging do.
    • 5-10% of women have never orgasmed…yet. They still have time.
    • 59% of women have faked an orgasm. Is anyone shocked?
    • Women take an average of 14 minutes during partnered sex to orgasm – an average of 8 minutes during masturbation.

    Gender & Orgasms: Who’s Getting Off?

    Cis men and cis women are not having an equal number of orgasms. The rates that they are orgasms are strongly affected by sexual orientation.

    Gender Gap and Sexual Orientation Gap Statistics

    • In one major study 91% of cis men had orgasmed during their most recent sexual encounter compared to only 64% of the poor cis women.
    • 95% of heterosexual men usually or always orgasm during partnered sexual activity compared to just 65% of heterosexual women. Who is shocked? Not me.
    • 86% of Lesbians usually or always orgasm during partnered sexual activity compared to just 66% of bisexual women and 65% of heterosexual women.
    • Sexual orientation affects orgasm in men less than women. 95% of heterosexual men, 89% of gay men, and 88% of bisexual men usually or always orgasm during partnered sexual activity.
    • 77% of asexual women have masturbated and many of these women orgasm. Now THAT is interesting.
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    Some Obvious Solutions to the Orgasm Gap

    These stats make a couple of things clear, there are things that can be done to improve the orgasm gap. Lesbians are having far more orgasms that heterosexual women. We know that Lesbians tend to engage in oral sex more and use sex toys more. Incorporating a good vibrator like Mystery Vibes Poco (Review) into sexual activity for additional clitoral stimulation can help close these orgasm gaps. In fact in her book Becoming Cliterate, Dr. Laurie Mintz states that the clit is the key to women consistently orgasming during sex. She promotes the us of vibrators and clit stimulators during sex as well as plenty of good old fashion oral sex.

    Who’s Faking Orgasms–Statistics

    Orgasm gap statistics

    Are we surprised that orgasms are being faked? No we aren’t! And here’s who’s faking them.

    • A whopping 80% of women faked orgasms during vaginal intercourse.
    • 42.4% of women faked orgasms because they didn’t want to hurt a partner’s feelings.
    • Women who made more money than their partners were twice as likely to fake orgasms than women who did not make more money than their partners.

    Relationship Status & Orgasm Statistics

    Here’s how relationship status affects orgasms.

    • Women in a relationship of 6+ months are more than 6 times as likely to orgasm during a sexual encounter than a woman with a first-time hookup.
    • Women having sex with a hookup partner for the 3rd-5th time are 40% more likely to orgasm than from a first-time hookup. Hooking up 6 or more times doubles the likelihood of orgasm over a first encounter.
    • A recent study that focused on bisexual women and hook up culture found that bisexual women who hooked up with heterosexual men only orgasmed 7% of the time however when the same bisexual women hooked up with women they orgasmed 60% of the time!

    Who’s Never Had an Orgasm

    These statistic vary and say that 5-15% of women never orgasm. Keep in mind, that these women may just have not orgasmed yet.

    These statistics include women who are pre-orgasmic (They haven’t had an orgasm yet, but will later) and not anorgasmic (Unable to orgasm).

    There’s been no substantial study so far to determine how many women never orgasm their entire life. But, here are some numbers to keep in mind.

    • 5-10% of women have never orgasmed [though many of these women may later in life.]
    • From one study 12% of women aged 17-28 have never had an orgasm.
    • Many will naturally have orgasms later in life. But for those who don’t – there is still hope!
    • 80-92% of women who have never had an orgasm ARE able to orgasm after clinical treatment.

    Who’s Having Multiple Orgasm Stats

    • 43% of women have experienced multiple orgasms.
    • One study showed 40% of women reported cannabis use increased their ability to have multiple orgasms.
    • Less than 10% of men in their 20s are multiply-orgasmic.
    • Less than 7% of men over 30 are multiply-orgasmic.

    How Women Orgasm During Sex

    • 81.6% of women don’t orgasm from intercourse alone (without additional clit stimulation).
    • Only 18.4% of women report that intercourse alone is sufficient to orgasm.
    • Only 25% of women always have an orgasm during vaginal intercourse (with clitoral stimulation unspecified).
    • 30% of women rarely or never orgasm during vaginal intercourse.
    • But women orgasm during vaginal intercourse 51-60% of the time with simultaneous clit stimulation.
    • 70% of women experience orgasms exclusively from clitoral stimulation.

    Orgasm Stats During Other Activities

    Intercourse isn’t the only way to orgasm! Here’s how people are getting off without putting the cock in the vagina.


    • 92.4% of women are able to orgasm from masturbation.
    • Women most often have their first orgasm through masturbation.

    Anal Sex

    • From one study, 100% of men orgasmed during encounters they received anal.
    • 94% of women orgasmed during encounters they received anal.

    Oral Sex

    • Women who receive oral most sexual encounters are 23% more likely to orgasm during sex than women who never receive oral.

    Vibrator Usage

    • 53% of women and 45% of men have used a vibrator during sexual activities.
    • For heterosexual women, their partner’s knowledge and enjoyment of their vibrator use is a huge predictor of sexual satisfaction.

    Sexual Fantasies and Orgasm

    • 20% of women have orgasmed just thinking about their favorite fantasy.
    • The same is true for 10% of men.

     Marijuana and Orgasm

    • Over 70% of both men and women say their orgasms are more intense when using cannabis.
    • Women using cannabis before sex were 2.13 times as likely to have “satisfactory orgasms” than women who didn’t.
    • Women frequently using cannabis were 2.10 times as likely to have “satisfactory orgasms” even when they didn’t use it before sex.
    • For men, daily use of cannabis was associated with reaching orgasm too quickly, slowly, or not at all compared to men who don’t use cannabis.
    • Women who use cannabis weekly have sex 22% more often than women who never use cannabis.
    • Men who use cannabis weekly have sex 7% more often than men who never use cannabis.

    Orgasm Timing Stats

    How long do orgasms last? I’ve got some stats that will surprise you!

    • Men take 5.4 minutes on average to orgasm.
    • Approximately 30% of men experience premature ejaculation.
    • Women take an average of 14 minutes during partnered sex to orgasm.
    • Women take an average of 8 minutes to orgasm during masturbation.
    • Men’s orgasms last from 10-30 seconds on average.
    • Women’s orgasms last from 13-51 seconds on average.
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