I’ve read a lot of books about sex. I mean…a lot. So when I got my hands on a copy of Becoming Cliterate by sex therapist and psychology professor Laurie Mintz, I assumed I would be wading through much of the same old, same old information. I was prepared for a textbook-ish experience that I’d struggle to get through because if I’m going to be honest, I prefer a good fictional thriller when spending my downtime reading. Instead, what I got was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Becoming Cliterate is essentially a foolproof guide to making sure women have more orgasms in bed…especially when they are having sex with cis heterosexual men. The author addresses the Orgasm Gap with passion, compassion, and solutions that are unlikely to fail when implemented properly. Best of all, Becoming Cliterate is an engaging and interesting read!

Watch my interview with Author Laurie Mitz

Much like my approach to Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast interviews, Dr. Laurie Mintz turns each chapter into an authentic conversation between friends. She understands that some of the necessary content, such as anatomy and history, can be a bore and somehow cuts it down into an interesting and engaging read that left me wanting to know more.

The bulk of Becoming Cliterate is written for an audience of readers who are vulva owners and women, but I would highly encourage men and people with penises to read the entire book as well.

This breezy read breaks its chapters down into sections that introduce people to women and vulva owners’ anatomy. It’s literally all about the clit. You get clit anatomy and clit history and then a guide to becoming orgasmic starting with masturbation and then moving to the bedroom with a partner.

Dr. Laurie clearly knows her shit. In one fairly short book she addresses women’s anatomy, the history of the clit (fascinating), barriers to women having orgasms, masturbation (how-to, tips, tricks & fun shit), and a thorough guide to graduating solo orgasms to partnered orgasms that people with penises can help with and enjoy.

If you are a woman dating a dude who isn’t into reading, or if you’re a guy who somehow made it this far through my review and has no intention of reading a book on how to be better in bed, I’ve got good news for you. Dr. Laurie put together a summary chapter that hits all of the important points a man or a cock owner needs to go over if they want to start giving their partners more orgasms in bed.

That’s right! There are cliff notes! Come on! There’s literally no excuse good enough to keep everyone from having better sex and making orgasm equality a reality.

When I say that I’m a fan of this book, I mean it. I think it’s super reader-friendly and fun. The information is going to help anyone who is engaging is sex and wants to be a better lover, and well…Dr. Laurie is just a cool woman.

If you want to know more about Becoming Cliterate, check out my podcast interview with Dr. Laurie here. I promise it does not disappoint!

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