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types of orgasms

17 Types of Orgasms Women Have & The Toys That Make Them Happen

On January 1st of last year, I embarked on a 365 Days of Orgasms Challenge. My goal was to have one orgasm every day...
choking during sex

How To Keep Choking During Sex Safe & Exciting

Responsible for 250-1000 deaths per year Erotic asphyxia is more common than you think.
National Orgasm Day

International Female Orgasm Day! 21 Ways to Celebrate

Did you know a good core workout can get you off?
anal sex locker room talk & shots cover

What the Butt?! A Guide to Anal Sex, Play & Orgasms

Discover how to access the pleasure potential of anal sex and anal play.
feature photo for dating terms and relationship red flags

17 Dating Terms & 12 Relationship Red Flags You Should Know

Modern dating has presented single people looking for relationships with an opportunity to connect with more people than ever before. Between social media sites...
orgasm gap statistics

Orgasm Gap? 60 Stats & Facts About Who’s Getting Off in 2023!

Spoiler Alert: It's not heterosexual women. Heterosexual women are not having orgasms folks and there are plenty of orgasm gap statistics and facts in...

These BDSM Practices Improve Vanilla Sex Fast!

Today's Locker Room Talk Topic is BDSM tips and tricks that will set your vanilla sex life on fire. Did you know that you...

Beyond Monogamy: 10 Types of Romantic Relationships

Today, more than ever before, women have the ability to explore a variety of types of relationships. Her are six you might want to consider before saying your traditional "I dos".
love letters

The Timeless Art of Writing a Love Letter for Valentine’s Day

Do you remember how years before the advent of the Internet we used to write old-fashioned letters to one another that we stamped and...
valentine's day gifts for her

30 Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her 2023

Presents with a purpose.

Locker Room Talk: 21 Things Women Wish Men Would Stop Doing During Sex

Women get real about sex. Straight from the locker room: 21 things queer and heterosexual women wish men would stop doing during sex
Pleasure Coach Ali Golmuka

Becoming an Orgasmic Woman: Q&A with Pleasure Coach Ali Gomulka

Pleasure Coach Ali Gomulka shares her personal journey and why all women deserve to connect with their orgasmic selves. Pleasure coach Ali Gomulka joined Locker...
friends with benefits

Friends with Benefits: Worthwhile or Waste of Time?

does it always end this way?
365 days of Orgasms challenge woman holds sex toy

365 Days of Orgasms Challenge: Halfway Point!

I've hit the halfway point and the news is big!

Got Kink? 11 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Your Sex Life Won't Get Old with These Kinky Activities
women's sexuality

Women’s Sexuality: Why I Risk Being Risqué

Find out why it's important to risk being risque and talking openly about women's sexuality. Learn about locker room talk and more.
abusive, breakup, lockdown

5 Tips For Overcoming an Abusive Breakup

Finding My Voice During Lockdown To those who feel scared, lost, alone, isolated, and stuck, this is written for you. For those, who are trying...
breakup sex, two people considering having sex with ex

10 Healthy Alternatives to Breakup Sex

Studies say break up sex can set you back.

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