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2020 & Living with Grief

grief, COVID-19

2020, COVID-19 and the BLM Protests all play a role in the grief and anger that many are experiencing. The following are tips for coping.

5 Things Centenarians Taught Me about Longevity

Age to perfection

Find out what the author of Age to Perfection found out about the best secrets to legevity from Centenarians.

From COVID-19 Hot Mess to Your Best: 7 Tips


If COVID-19 has got you feeling like a hot mess, then you’ll want to check out Author Judy Gaman’s tips for getting your groove back.

What My 50 Day Run Streak During Quarantine Taught Me

run streak, running

Find out what I learned about myself after 50 days of running while on a run streak during the quarantine for the covid-19 pandemic.

How to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle During the Covid-19 Pandemic

healthy lifestyle, covid-19

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the covid-19 pandemic isn’t impossible. The following are tips to help you stay feeling your best.

Covid-19 Got You Down? Try This…


If you are experiencing the covid-19 blues, try these tips and tricks for getting back to feeling your best.

Social Distancing: Practice Yoga at Home

With the spread of Covid-19 calling for social distancing, It’s time to ditch the studio and take your yoga practice home.

7 Tips to Increase Morning Motivation

morning motivation

You only have a short window of time to set yourself up for success each day. Follow these 7 tips to increase your morning motivation.

Enjoy A Stronger, Tighter Vagina With These Sex Toys

kegles, tighter vagina

If you are concerned about your vaginal health, you want to check out these sex toys that make kegels fun and help you have a stronger tighter vagina

Finding Breast Lumps: How I (Don’t) Cope

Breast lumps, breast cancer

Finding new breast lumps after a mammogram is frightening. Here’s how the author is (is not) coping.