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Social Distancing: Practice Yoga at Home

With the spread of Covid-19 calling for social distancing, It’s time to ditch the studio and take your yoga practice home.

7 Tips to Increase Morning Motivation

morning motivation

You only have a short window of time to set yourself up for success each day. Follow these 7 tips to increase your morning motivation.

Enjoy A Stronger, Tighter Vagina With These Sex Toys

kegles, tighter vagina

If you are concerned about your vaginal health, you want to check out these sex toys that make kegels fun and help you have a stronger tighter vagina

Finding Breast Lumps: How I (Don’t) Cope

Breast lumps, breast cancer

Finding new breast lumps after a mammogram is frightening. Here’s how the author is (is not) coping.

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Traveling

Is your fear of traveling holding you back from seeing the world? We’ve got some great tips for overcoming your anxiety and living your dream.

Sexy, Strange & Satisfying Ways to Reduce Stress

reduce stress, erotic novel

Feeling anxious or stressed out? We put together a list of sexy, strange and fun research-backed ways to reduce stress.

A Girl’s Guide to the Best 2020

We’ve got your girl’s guide to having the best 2020 possible. Say goodbye to 2019 and hello to a helluva better deca

Why You Should Take A Holistic Approach To Health

holistic health, holistic approach to health

Become healthier in 2020 with a holistic health approach to self care. Here’s how to take those first steps in the New Year.

Simple Steps to Improve Your Health in 2020

improve your health, 2020

Want to improve your health in 2020? We’ve put together some simple steps to help you out! Read on to find out what they are.

Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infections

vaginal yeast infections, home remedies

Do think you have a vaginal yeast infection? Or, do you suffer from regular vaginal yeast infections? Here are some home remedies that help.