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7 Ways to Burn 100 + Calories Without Working Out

The Best Ways to Burn Calories. You’re Welcome.

Most people want to be healthy and stay fit, but not everyone wants to eat, sleep, and breath their workout and its associated lifestyle. For example, joining a yoga studio or CrossFit box comes with a hefty price tag and the pressure to adhere to whatever the promoted wellness culture is. From special diets to high-priced gear and garments, clients are encouraged to attend daily classes and buy, buy, buy in order to become part of the business’s tight-knit community. While this approach to fitness works for some, others just want to burn calories, get their workout over, and get on with their day.

We’ve got good news. In our own desperate search for ways to avoid the time, attention, and money suck associated with participating in current fitness trends while still staying fit, we accidentally stumbled across some astonishingly easy and non-workout-y ways to burn calories.

That’s right, you can work off that cocktail you’re sipping right now…well…without working out at all. We’ve found seven different ways.

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7 ways to burn 100 or more calories without working out

Take a bath

Let’s start with the best news. According to a study by Steve Faulkner, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist at Loughborough University, soaking in a hot bath can burn a stunning 140 calories an hour. Now we aren’t saying that you should substitute all of your workouts with long, luxurious baths, but we are saying that you could now and again.

Hitting the Sauna

Perfect for the winter months! Head to your local gym and sit in the sauna for a bit. A 160-pound person will burn over 300 calories in just 30 minutes!

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Make Out

No wonder teens stay so lean. Perhaps it’s time to get back to those never-ending make out sessions with your partner. Or hell, if you’re single and dating, this gives you the perfect excuse to make the first move. An hour of kissing burns up to 100 calories. So what’s holding you back? Pucker up.

Retail Therapy

Everybody knows a little shopping goes a long way to making a bad day feel better. But as it turns out, shopping isn’t just good for your mental health, it will help you get fit—though you may go broke in the process. Some research suggests that you can burn up to 243 calories per hour of shopping. It helps if you are pushing a cart or carrying bags.

Watch a Comedy

Laughter is all sorts of good for you. It’s not surprising that it improves your mental and emotional health. But, did you know that it eats up those extra calories? Laughing for just 20 minutes a day can use up a surprising 100 calories.

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Yes. Of Course. Sex

Of course, we had to include sex. But not all sex burns the big calories, so we went the extra mile for you and found the best positions and sexual activities for maximizing your calorie burn. Ladies, if you want to burn a fast 220 calories in just 30 minutes, cowgirl is your position. Add to the intensity by shifting into a squatted position, and if you are in killer shape and maintain that for a half hour, you not only burn a shit ton of calories, you earn the status of a warrior goddess.

Not so surprising, reverse cowgirl gives you a half-hour calorie burn of 210. And sex standing up works off 165 calories.

Stretch & Relax

Who knew that a half-hour of light stretching or restorative yoga could burn 100 calories? Purchase a cheap mat and binge on some Netflix while you get in a navasana, baddha konasana, and janu sirsasana. Bonus: along with burning calories, you increase your flexibility and chances of getting a good night’s sleep.


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