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Brass Tacks Strong: Why I Became a Health Coach

Why I Found a Health Coach

Before I became a health coach, I spent ten years and thousands of dollars on stuff that didn’t work. Apps, programs, diets, extremes–nothing seemed to make me noticeably or sustainably stronger, leaner, or healthier. Investing yet more time and money into my formal education on nutrition, training, and behavioral change eventually helped, but the thing that changed it all for me was getting my own health coach. Not a trainer who counted my reps and gave me a calorie count/meal plan, but someone who I met with face to face (over Zoom), who listened to me, helped me overcome my own personal obstacles, and crafted a long-term, sustainable plan that I actually enjoyed–in other words, not restrictive or burnout-inducing.

A New Approach to Weight Loss & Getting Stronger, Leaner & Healthier

No other mammal has to get weird about food to stay healthy–only modern humans turn food into numbers and jump on a scale constantly. Getting back to our instincts and back to real food is harder than it sounds. It takes time to unlearn the damaging habits that got us here, but with the right guidance, it can be an empowering journey.

As a health coach, I help women focus on learning the skills and behaviors that they need to practice every day instead of obsessing over the outcome. I help them learn to enjoy the ride instead of punishing themselves for the sake of a goal that they either never reach or is only temporary. 

Most people come to me thinking they need a meal plan, assigned calories or macros, and accountability to do *more* of the exercise they’re already doing to meet their health and fitness, and/or aesthetic goals.

?MORE accountability
?MORE movement
?MORE food restrictions

They think they need to “buckle down” and go harder and faster. They tend to think they need things like a “reset” or “x-day challenge.”But once we peel the first layer away, what we usually find is that they actually need:

?Deeper questions asked of them
?️Higher quality movement with better recovery
?More nutrients, not less food
?How to get 1% better every day, instead of all-or-nothing (which nets nothing long term)

Because here’s the deal, Team: ?You don’t need MORE of the same behaviors and beliefs that got you here. Think expansion, not restriction. A wider field of vision, rather than burrowing deeper. What internal belief can you challenge today? What would happen if it wasn’t true?

If you’re stuck spinning your wheels like I was, tune into this column for tips that will help you change your behaviors and beliefs and get that 1% better every day. Also, Check out my website ( and see if getting down to brass tacks is right for you.

Stay #brasstacksstrong, Team

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