Being single is no longer a sad situation, it’s celebrated! In fact, an entire day is dedicated to celebrating it. November 11th is National Single’s Day and if you are single you are probably already aware that there are plenty of reasons to celebrate your state of relationship (or lack thereof). From having the freedom to have sex with whomever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want to not having to answer to another adult when making big decisions in your life, there are plenty of plusses to flying solo.

While lots of folks are happy about being single, some find themselves lonely and longing for their other half…or third if you are into thruples. But, whether you are sad or proud of your solitary status, I’ve got some pretty great news for you. The day is so well celebrated that there are an abundance of Single’s Day sales taking place that will warm those lonely nights right up. In fact, these sales will make sure all your nights are downright hot. So go ahead, indulge in some serious self-love and splurge on these awesome Single’s Day Deals

Cosmetics for better sex

LELO Single’s Day Deals!

LELO makes some of the most orgasmic toys on the market, and they are bringing you some crazy amazing deals because they know how sexy being single can be. Check out all their hot deals here. My favorite picks are below.

lelo SILA Cruise


You deserve to own the best pleasure air technology has to offer! The SILA’s wide mouth encompasses the most stimulating vulva spots and locks in orgasms with the groundbreaking cruise control tech. This sex toy reacts to your body’s arousal and kicks in the suction right when you need it the most. And now you can get a 25% discount for this Single’s Day deal.


LELO Enigma black friday sales

LELO Enigma

ENIGMA™ is a luxurious dual-action sonic massager designed to titillate both the entire clitoris – its visible and invisible parts – and G-spot, for an orgasm so intense whoever gets this gift will think they’ve left this planet. Get it at 20% Off.


Bijoux Indiscrets Single’s Day Deals

You deserve slow, sensual sex even when you are by yourself. Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you don’t need or want to feel sensual, Bijoux knows sensual. November11- 13 Bijoux is celebrating a sitewide 30% off sale when you use the code SINGLES2022. You. When you buy a sex toy, you also get free clitoral balm as a gift. Here are some of my favorite Bijoux picks for Single’s Day!

slow sex, valentine's day gifts for her

Slow Sex Experience Box

From massage oils, to clit balms, to solid perfumes and so much more. You deserve to really treat yourself to a slow sensual experience the Single’s Day. Buy the box!

Use the code SINGLES2022 for 30% off

Kissable massage candle

Kissable Massage Candle

This yummy gift will make you fall in love. Indulge in this soft caramel & sea salt flavored massage candle Black Friday sale

Use the code SINGLES2022 for 30% off


Bundle Up Lots of Pleasure


A personal lube that feels gorgeous, plus an orgasmic supplement and personal vibe! What more could you ask for in your stocking? This discounted price is perfect!

Use the code SINGLES2022 for 30% off

massage gel

Bliss Massage Gel

Talk about a Black Friday Deal! This massage gel has the perfect texture for you to indulge in the luxurious feel of your skin transformed into silk. No perfume, no color, no taste, just animal attraction 

Use the code SINGLES2022 for 30% off


Single's Day Sale

Gift Box Slow Sex

This selection tops my picks for best Single’s Day splurges. This erotic triad includes an oral sex balm, a clitoral balm, and a nipple play gel. A little something for every occasion.

Use the code SINGLES2022 for 30% off

Single's day sales on waist chain jewelry

Magnifique · Waist Chain Jewelry

You deserve jewelry on Single’s Day and this sexy piece will make you feel like the goddess you are! This waist chain highlights your best ass-et! You see what I did there?

Use the code SINGLES2022 for 30% off

MysteryVibe Single’s Day Deals

MysteryVibe’s Single’s Day Sale gets you 25% off their best sex toys. If you’ve read my sex toy reviews in the past then you know I love MysteryVibe’s Poco and Crescendo 2. So, lucky you. You’re about to save yourself a lot of money.

MysteryVibe Poco

On Single’s Day, you deserve the gift of bendable technology that stimulates the g-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. With 2 motors and 16 power settings, this baby will keep you so satisfied and enthralled, you might just forget you’re alone.

Get it at 25% off.


Crecendo 2 black friday sales

MysteryVibe Crescendo 2

Crescendo 2 is the world’s first vibrator designed to mimic someone’s fingers and then some. It’s incredibly flexible so you can bend it to fit your body and arouse erogenous zones from the clit to the G-spot to P-spot. Its 6 motors and 16 power settings will keep you too busy to think about wanting someone else.

Get it at 25% Off.


tuento black friday sale


This is a fantastic Single’s Day gift for the cock owner. Think: next-level robotic cock ring! Experience a revolutionary flexible sex toy design that comfortably adapts to a penis, whatever the size, increasing blood flow for maximum erection & extended performance when you finally put it in another person. Bonus? It delivers vibes to the penis and so you can even enjoy it when you’re alone!

Get it at 25% Off.


tuento mini black friday deal


Available on Pre-order only!

This innovative compact wearable vibrator/robotic cock ring vibrates all around the penis while stimulating the clitoris and vulva at the same time. Gift yourself this gift for when you’re alone…and with a partner.

Get it at 25% Off.


singles day sale


Available on Pre-order only!

For singles day, be one of the first to get the world’s very first flexible labia and vulva vibrator. this sex toy has a unique shape that Delivers 360° stimulation all over your labia, vulva & clitoris. Now if that isn’t a gift you deserve, I don’t know what it is! Get it at 25% Off.


VienneMilano Single’s Day Sales

Get that extra special sexy feeling when you peruse the gorgeous stockings on VienneMilano’s Single’s Day Sales page. This woman-owned company knows how to make stockings a show-stopper accessories.

single's day sales

FABIANA Back Seam Polka Dot Bows Thigh Highs

Single’s get to flirt freely so let your legs flirt with FABIANA. Tempting, playful, and ready to pounce, these thigh highs pair the classic vintage-chic of a striking back seam with a fantastically quirky polka dot satin bow. Femininity leaps from the thigh high as the seductive back seam elongates and slims your legs while the sheer fabric works its carving magic.


singles day stockings

VERONIKA Matte Stockings with Garter Belt

This pair of sheer stockings are made for a woman who appreciates the classics and modernity as it features cutouts that offer a glimpse of your thighs, revealing the illusion of garter belts.

$ 21.95

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