Single and loving it! Forget the stigma—being single is all the rage, and we’ve got a whole day dedicated to celebrating it. Enter National Single’s Day on November 11th, a day where solo status takes center stage. Whether you’re reveling in the freedom to embrace your desires without any strings attached or enjoying the liberty of making life decisions solo, there’s a lot to cheer about. But hey, we get it—some nights can get a bit lonely. Fear not! Whether you’re proudly solo or secretly searching for your other half (or third, for the thruple enthusiasts), here’s some news to lift your spirits. Single’s Day is not just a celebration; it’s a shopping extravaganza with deals that will set your nights ablaze. These Single’s Day sales are your ticket to turning those lonely nights into sizzling hot solo adventures. So why wait? Treat yourself to some serious self-love and dive into these fabulous Single’s Day Deals (Note: some of these Single’s Day Sales are early Black Friday Sales…so enjoy and treat yourself to an early holiday gift!).

Single’s Day Sales By Sex Toy & Intimate Product Brand

LELO: Up to 50% off + get a free LELO™ Liquid Lipstick for purchases above $159

Good Vibes: Up to 70% off sex toys, lingerie & more

Babe Land: Up to 70% off sex toys, lingerie & more

Womanizer: Up to 50% Off of sex toys, lube, & more

We-Vibe: Upto 50% off luxury products

Velvet: 30% off sitewide w/code (Explores30)

L’aciar: 30% off sitewide w/code (Explores30)

Boutique Voila: 30% off sitewide w/code (Explores30)

Pink Cherry: Up to 80% off toys & Lingerie

BooHoo: Up to 25% off lingerie

MysteryVibe: Up to 30% toys & bundles

Bijoux Indiscrets: 30% OFF site-wide with the code: SINGLES30 Valid: from November 11th to November 12th. Use Code SheExploreslife20 for 20% Off all month long.

My Favorite Single’s Day Deals

lelo SILA Cruise


You deserve to own the best pleasure air technology has to offer! The SILA’s wide mouth encompasses the most stimulating vulva spots and locks in orgasms with the groundbreaking cruise control tech. This sex toy reacts to your body’s arousal and kicks in the suction right when you need it the most. And now you can get a 25% discount for this Single’s Day deal.


LELO Enigma black friday sales

LELO Enigma Wave

Meet the spectacular triple-action sonic massager that will completely change the way you think about blended orgasms. ENIGMA Wave™ lets you simultaneously enjoy a powerful sonic wave stimulation on the clitoris while the insertable tail vibrates and moves inside you using patented WaveMotion™ technology for an all-encompassing experience. Get it at 15% Off.



I could go on and on about how much I love the LELO IDA Wave, but you can read my full review here. Trust me, your sex-loving woman will thank you for this gift. Let her experience LELO’s patented WaveMotion™ technology and the blended orgasms it provides. If she’s a g-spot girl…she’s gonna get off again and again and again, and you can get it at 30% off now for Black Friday.



Experience the orgasmic magic of the elliptical motion of this pinpoint clitoral vibrator at 20% off this Black Friday!


sexy mothers day gifts, rose suction sex toy

The One Rose Clitoral Stimulator (Good Vibes)

The One Roset fits in the palm of your hand and delivers ultimate pleasure. The rechargeable Rose is made from silky soft and body-safe silicone that allows the petal design to light tickle and titillate, while innovative pressure wave technology combines with vibration to deliver stimulation where it’s most desired.

The pressure wave technology makes the clitoris or nipples feel as if they are being sucked by air. A single button powers The One Rose on and off, as well as cycles the product through its 3 speeds and 7 patterns of suction and pulsation.

50% Off!


one ruby play collection

The One Ruby Play Collection (Good Vibes)

The One Ruby Play Collection makes it easy to play any way you desire. This kit includes the best-selling The One Rose, The One Rabbit Wicked Sensual Aqua Water-Based Lubricant (2 oz.) and Wicked Foam n’ Fresh Toy Cleaner (8 oz.).

50% Off!


Switch Pleasure Kit Singles Day Sale

Switch Pleasure Kit #5 (Good Vibes)

This kit features the Soft Vibrating Clitoral Bottom Base, lined with stimulating silicone bristles on one side and ribbed ring on the other for maximum pleasure. The base boasts a 10-speed motor that will rev up the vibrations to a toe-curling 15,000rpm – all at less than 60 dB Noise Level. This generous box features three interchangeable attachments: a Suction Pulse Wave Vibrator, a Wand Vibrator and a G-spot Vibrator.

50% Off!


sexy black friday deals

Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Massage Candle 2.1oz

This game-changing massage candle is the complete package to take you from foreplay to sex. Infused with 6 essential oils, this massage candle is perfect for a sensual massage. Light the wick and allow the candle’s sweet vanilla scent to fill the room, then drizzle the warm, nourishing wax onto your lover’s skin for a treat that they’ll never forget.

$6.29 (30% off)

sexy black Friday sales

Lovehoney Oh! Hot Massage Rocks

Scoop up a handful of these smooth pebbles and treat your partner to a sensual massage. Perfect for temperature play, the tactile texture and heat of the Hot Massage Rocks feels incredible against skin.

$6.99 (30% off)

slow sex, valentine's day gifts for her

Slow Sex Experience Box

From massage oils, to clit balms, to solid perfumes and so much more. You deserve to really treat yourself to a slow sensual experience the Single’s Day. Buy the box!

Use the code SINGLES30 for 30% off
Use the code Sheexploreslife20 for 20% off

Bundle Up Lots of Pleasure


A personal lube that feels gorgeous, plus an orgasmic supplement and personal vibe! What more could you ask for in your stocking? This discounted price is perfect!

Use the code SINGLES30 for 30% off
Use the code Sheexploreslife20 for 20% off

massage gel

Bliss Massage Gel

Talk about a Black Friday Deal! This massage gel has the perfect texture for you to indulge in the luxurious feel of your skin transformed into silk. No perfume, no color, no taste, just animal attraction 

Use the code SINGLES30 for 30% off
Use the code Sheexploreslife20 for 20% off


Single's Day Sale

Gift Box Slow Sex

This selection tops my picks for best Single’s Day splurges. This erotic triad includes an oral sex balm, a clitoral balm, and a nipple play gel. A little something for every occasion.

Use the code SINGLES30 for 30% off
Use the code Sheexploreslife20 for 20% off

Single's day sales on waist chain jewelry

Magnifique · Waist Chain Jewelry

You deserve jewelry on Single’s Day and this sexy piece will make you feel like the goddess you are! This waist chain highlights your best ass-et! You see what I did there?

Use the code SINGLES30 for 30% off
Use the code Sheexploreslife20 for 20% off

MysteryVibe Poco

On Single’s Day, you deserve the gift of bendable technology that stimulates the g-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. With 2 motors and 16 power settings, this baby will keep you so satisfied and enthralled, you might just forget you’re alone.

Get it at 30% off.


Crecendo 2 black friday sales

MysteryVibe Crescendo 2

Crescendo 2 is the world’s first vibrator designed to mimic someone’s fingers and then some. It’s incredibly flexible so you can bend it to fit your body and arouse erogenous zones from the clit to the G-spot to P-spot. Its 6 motors and 16 power settings will keep you too busy to think about wanting someone else.

Get it at 30% Off.


tuento black friday sale


This is a fantastic Single’s Day gift for the cock owner. Think: next-level robotic cock ring! Experience a revolutionary flexible sex toy design that comfortably adapts to a penis, whatever the size, increasing blood flow for maximum erection & extended performance when you finally put it in another person. Bonus? It delivers vibes to the penis and so you can even enjoy it when you’re alone!

Get it at 20% Off.


tuento mini black friday deal


Available on Pre-order only!

This innovative compact wearable vibrator/robotic cock ring vibrates all around the penis while stimulating the clitoris and vulva at the same time. Gift yourself this gift for when you’re alone…and with a partner.

Get it at 30% Off.


singles day sale


For singles day, be one of the first to get the world’s very first flexible labia and vulva vibrator. this sex toy has a unique shape that Delivers 360° stimulation all over your labia, vulva & clitoris. Now if that isn’t a gift you deserve, I don’t know what it is! Get it at 30% Off.


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