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It’s a Hard No to Dick Pics (Even if Yours is High Vibin’)

“Her Bare Naked Soul” Columnist Cathy Reed Gets Real About Dick Pics

Along with being the “Her Bare Naked Soul” Columnist here at She Explores Life, Cathy Reed is an exotic dancer, sexual healer and sex coach (not to mention, a dear friend of mine). She shares her own personal journey, thoughts on sex, erotic and expressive dances, and poetry with thousands of fans through her Facebook Pages, Cathy Reed and Her Bare Naked Soul, and her Instagram account @herbarenakedsoul. So, today when she shared her experiences with dick pics, I was eager to hear what she had to say.

I personally love following Cathy Reed’s accounts. I think she’s brave, beautiful, authentic, and funny. And through my interactions with her and her various social feeds I’ve been able to push my own personal boundaries when it comes to my views on women’s sexuality, women’s sexual expression, and feminine power.

In her mid-forties, just like me, Cathy is stunning, and gives all women–but especially those of us who are in our 40s and older–permission to be sensual and sexy AF. So, I make sure to watch her videos, read her writings, and tune into her live videos as often as possible. I always learn something from every piece of content she shares.

Reed’s stories range from topics about her childhood in Hawaii to her personal experience with abortion. And her videos often feature her own personal dances of self discovery.

dick pics.

Cathy Discovers High Vibin’ Dicks

I felt lucky when I scrolled through my FB feed and found that Cathy had just logged in for a live video. I clicked my volume up a bit and began listening.

She started out by talking about her online journey and how when she first began sharing her dances and writings online she started receiving a high number of unsolicited dick pics. She describes them as base in nature and intrusive. Some of the dick pics would be followed by a messages that said things like, “Suck it!”

She explains that after she cleaned up her own–what she describes as “frequency”–she stopped receiving those kinds of messages. But then goes on to describe a new kind of guy who began sending her messages.

She says, she received a bunch of dick picks followed by a profuse apology. This happened a couple of times to her in one week, so she decided to check out these men’s profiles. After studying them she found that they were a different kind of guy. The kind that she describes as having a higher vibration. “Maybe they were in an esoteric work, maybe they were in yoga, maybe they were a little more self-aware…” says Cathy. “So these were high-vibin’ dicks!”

Cathy goes on to answer the question, “Are pics of high-vibin’ dicks welcome?” Listen for yourself for the answer.

Hey guys! In case you missed it: No! Don’t send unsolicited dick pics. Practicing yoga, chanting mantras, and wearing crystals, doesn’t give you a pass on this rule. I don’t care if you work as a naturopath or an acupuncturist. I don’t care if you attend Buddhist gatherings. I don’t care how high vibin’ you think your dick is. Keep your dick pics on your phone, and send them only when invited or when you’ve gotten consent.

Ok, back to the Oscars. Thanks for the lesson Cathy Reed.

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