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Women’s Photography: The See Me Series

Photography Series Lets Women Choose Their Labels

There I was scrolling Facebook one day when my thumb froze. I focused intently on a gorgeous black and white photo. It was part of a women’s photography series and featured a young woman artfully posed with her back and the profile of her face to the camera. She stood with words on her bare back. “Creative, strong, thoughtful, fun, peacemaker” these were some of the words she wore to describe who she is. Each word purposefully written in capital letters on her skin. Qualities she identified with blazed across her arms and back. My first thought was “Wow, that is beautiful!”. I was

That was the day I learned about the “See Me” women’s photography series produced by Hara Allison Photography. The “See Me” photography series is a collection of beautiful, powerful, incredible images, stories, words and women. Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages each posed for a photo as part of this series. Each week the photographer shared a new image. As I looked at each picture I rejoiced at the diversity and the stories these photos told. I celebrated the words these women wore.

Daring, strong, worthy, enough…

Fighter, spiritual, survivor, supportive…

Powerful, sassy, ageless, creative…

Brave, free, forgiven, alive…

Inextinguishable, compassionate, healer, precocious…

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Women’s Photography & the Power of Words

The world is quick to put labels on women. There’s something bad-ass about claiming words for ourselves. There’s something liberating about allowing others to see us as we see ourselves. I realize it isn’t about what we see on the outside. I know I am more than my body, more than my looks. It’s one thing to know it, it’s another to feel it and yet another to authentically live that feeling out. There is something empowering about confidently stepping forward.

Rarely do I feel comfortable in front of the camera. I did not plan to participate in the “See Me” women’s photography series but I confess I relished the thought “what would my words be?” When a last-minute opportunity presented itself to participate, I surprised myself by saying “yes!” I’ve known the photographer a long time. I know when Hara Allison offers you an opportunity for a photo shoot you say “yes” because she’s a skilled photographer and her studio is a safe place.

I’m a word geek. Giddy with excitement I chose my words and stood still as Hara turned me into a canvas. Though I have 90 minutes in my hourglass figure, space is still limited. In the end I chose “loving, mother, wife, friend, optimistic, moxie, enthusiastic, believer, stubborn, joyful, and inquisitive” These are words I’m proud to wear.

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