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Poem: I claim your absence

I Claim Your Absence

From a present memory of you. 

From the dichotomy of a dream in which you both, appear and vanish. 

I claim your absence from the timid laughter that imagines your naked body next to me, from this idyllic scene distorted by unreality. 

I claim your absence with a dry cry, born of the duel of your cyclic departure, arrival -departure…

I claim your absence from the purest feeling of worshiping you fully. From this effervescent desire, bubbling inside the valley of my navel. 

I claim your absence as the reserved, natural and unrepeatable right to be born yours. 

I claim your absence from the most intimate solitude, from this dark temptation to run away from everything. 

I claim your absence from the madness of invoking the protection of your locking embrace. 

I claim your absence with the hysteria of forbidden seduction, from the burning corners of my sedentary and insatiable being. 

I claim your absence just because, because I want to and I can, because I can grasp these letters, even as if in a string of words that take form in the emptiness of my hollow desire, only fillable with your presence in my memory.

I claim you. 

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