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Finding Time: Self-Care for Moms

Dear Moms, it’s OK to make self-care a priority

Being a mom is a fulfilling role in many ways. And while you wouldn’t want to change it for the world, sometimes you feel taken for granted or worn out from working and caring for others. While being a mom is challenging on a regular basis, it’s been extra intense since COVID hit, keeping all the kids home. Momma, while you are truly a super woman, at the end of the day, you still do need to make sure that you have some balance in your life. Self-care is paramount, and if you don’t feel as though you have the time then these tips will help you to change that.

Make your Chores a Family Affair

It may not be possible for you to involve your infant in cleaning duties, but when they are at an age where they can help out to some extent get them involved. For example, you could ask your young child to take laundry into the correct room for you. When your kids are finishing up their meals, you might want to ask them to bring the plates to you in the kitchen. Picking up their own toys before bedtime is also a good idea, and you might even be able to make a game out of it for them. Little things like this will show them the importance of teamwork and it will also help them to understand how when they help, everything becomes easier.

Adjust your Schedule

Some kids seem to sense when you wake up and they instinctively rise when you do. If you can, you should always try and give yourself an hour or two so you can be alone and engage in some self-care before the kids get up. This will give you the chance to read a book or even have a coffee in peace. If you put the kids to bed an hour early, then you may even be able to spend more time with your partner. Consider hiring a babysitter so that you can go and find local craft beers, or even have a date night.

Time-Saving Meals

In a perfect world, you would have a month’s worth of menus planned out, but this takes far too much time. The slow cooker is your best friend here, as it gives you the chance to have a hearty meal without too much preparation. If you have a grocery shop in your area that is able to deliver your groceries to you then now is the time for you to get that arranged. This will help you to make sure that you don’t end up taking too much time out of your day and you may even find that you have more time for self-care activities as a result.

Change Careers

This is a huge game-changer, but it might not be possible with the situation you have. If lack of time and stress is eating away at your day, then it may be worth making some serious adjustments. One way for you to help yourself would be for you to try and freelance or start a business you can run from home. When you do, you will be able to work whatever hours you want, and you may even find that your life-balance is way better as a result. If freelancing isn’t an option, then you can talk with your boss to see if they can give you more flexible hours.

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