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Enjoy The Silence: How Be Alone

Self-Care & Being Alone

While the search for inner peace is an ongoing process, most of us have a fear of being alone. Every popular option for turning inward, from yoga to meditation, has been packaged, marketed and turned into a group or community activity. And while hitting the mat every day at your local studio may help you feel chill and be part of your self-care regimen, its likely that you spend a good amount of your time connecting with or distracted by others in class. Perhaps it’s time to learn how to be alone.

If reconnecting with yourself is on your list of self-care to-do’s, the following are some ways you can make alone time not only less frightening, but something you even look forward to.

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How to Be Alone And Love It

Get to know Yourself

There are a million ways that we distract ourselves with others every day. Social media keeps us connected and focused on others 24/7. One of the most important steps in learning how to be alone is truly getting to know yourself. Sitting quietly with our own thoughts is one of the most difficult things for many of us to do, one of the best ways to get started is by doing something you love all by yourself.

Weather time on the water with a rental from Carefree Boats, or time in the woods in a cabin, is your preferred setting for a bit of self-care, set aside an opportunity to engage in an activity that brings you joy…all by yourself. The fact of the matter is that we are fearful of what our thoughts contain. But, having the opportunity to get away from your daily life an others, gives you the opportunity to truly sit with your own thoughts and feelings.

Overcoming your fear of being alone

If you can, go out and explore who you are right away. But, if you really don’t like being by yourself, there are little things you can do to stop yourself from relying on social crutches. Social media is a fantastic example. And while it seems difficult to undergo a social media detox, taking to the internet to vent every little thought is an indicator that your are not comfortable with sitting with your own thoughts. Disconnecting from the online world, or taking steps in that direction will help you on your way to getting to know yourself better.

Consider the endgame

Learning how be alone and engage in various forms of self-care is all about increasing your resilience and connection. Spending time with yourself increases your confidence, your understanding of your needs and your ability to connect with others on a deeper level when you are in their company. We live in an age where there’s always something going on or something to do. The result is an increased number of mental health issues, particularly in women. Taking time to yourself is all about self-care and self love. The more you do it, the more you will want to do it and eventually you may even find yourself looking forward to it.

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