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A Girl’s Guide to the Best 2020

How to Make 2020 Better Than 2019

2020 has finally arrived, and you are not alone if you are hoping to make it better than 2019. With the arrival of the new year, you’ve likely got some extra motivation to make some changes: this isn’t just a new year, but an entirely new decade!

We think it’s worth taking some extra time to consider how you can make 2020 your best year yet. Below, we taken some time to put together a girl’s guide to having the best year on record. Take a look at a few at some of our thoughts on sure-fire ways to have to have the life you deserve

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Start With the Basics of Life

Sometimes, it’s important to look at the big things in life, like your hopes and dreams and all the grand things that you want to achieve. But it’s just as important to focus some of your attention on the smaller details of life. It is, after all, the small things that make up life! And they can also provide a steady foundation, from which you can springboard to hit new heights.

So what are the small things that will lead to a better 2020, exactly? It’s things like eating well, getting enough exercise, and ensuring that you’re resting well, which involves developing a solid sleep routine and calming the mind throughout the day.

Saying Bye to Unhealthy Habits

Your life may or may not be positive overall, but it’s likely that you’ll have a couple of unhealthy habits that are bringing you down. Some of these might be fairly innocuous, such as indulging in fast food more often than you should. Or they could be more serious, in the case of drug, alcohol, and sex addiction.

Whatever it is that’s bringing you down, remember that everything can be overcome. Just because something has been part of your past, there’s no law that says it has to be part of your future.

Taking small steps, like seeing your health care provider or finding a support group is a great way to start fighting an addiction or killing an old bad habit. If you eat poorly or can’t motivate yourself to workout, find an accountability partner or a workout buddy. You might be surprised at how good it feels to work on being healthy with a new friend.

Embrace Your Inner Adventurer

Most people feel at their most energetic and inspired when they’re up, out, and trying new things. The problem is that once we’ve reached the stability of secure adulthood, we don’t really get many opportunities to push ourselves. Well, the opportunities are there, it’s just that we have to go looking for them ourselves.

To get started on your 2020 adventure consider setting up a girls getaway that takes you on a zip line tour, take a leap and try and adrenaline pumping activity like hang gliding, or a hut to hut hiking adventure might be just what you need for some inspiration.

It can feel a little uncomfortable to step out of your comfort zone, but you’ll always be rewarded by doing so. You might just find that the excitement and wonder of childhood still lies within you.

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Make New Connections in 2020

Another thing about adulthood is that we tend to stay in the same social circles. And of course, it’s important to maintain and foster these relationships. But there’s little value in cutting yourself off to the rest of the world. There are seven billion people on the planet, who knows what kind of adventure you might go on if you open yourself and build new connections?

We know, it’s harder than it sounds. But there are a few surefire ways to meet new people. Consider joining a local women’s group or meetup. If you are feeling extra adventurous, sign up for a women’s retreat, an all-women’s travel experience or scale a mountain with an all-women’s group! Before you know it, you’ll have a circle of women ready to plan regular girls getaways.

Everything is Possible

Finally, be sure to dream big! A healthy dose of positivity can take you to all kinds of wondrous places. Think of all the possibilities that are available, and throw yourself into the new decade.

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