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6 Ways to Find Success on Adult Dating Sites

How to Step Up Your Game on Adult Dating Sites

Mention a dating site, and most people will know exactly what you’re talking about. Even if they haven’t tried one themselves (and you know they want to), they know how a typical online dating experience works – it’s common knowledge at this point. Adult online dating sites, on the other hand, are something that plenty of people aren’t familiar with; they’ve most likely heard that they are the X-rated version of online dating.

If you’re thinking about registering for adult dating, you’ll need to dig deeper because if you decide to rely on a trial-and-error approach, you’ll likely end up frustrated. Some people even quit before they’ve gotten the result they wanted, simply because they didn’t know how to stand out from the pack.

Of course, not everyone finds a match on a dating site, adult or not. But, there are a few things you can do that will improve your chances of getting an online date.

Educate yourself on the risks of adult dating sites

Before getting to the parts you actually want to hear about, let’s start with the practical stuff – it’s important to be safe on adult dating sites. Because most interactions happen via webcam chats, it’s much harder for people to succeed at catfish or romance scams. While you don’t have to watch out for fake accounts, you do have to avoid people who might try to steal your identity.

Because people often interact in intimate ways on adult dating sites, it’s especially important that your identity remains protected. If you are secretly recorded, and those recordings are then linked to your identity, scammers could cause problems with your information. The sites themselves usually provide some security for their members, either by hiding most personal details or by offering complete anonymity, like Flingster does. After that, it’s up to you to make sure your personal details don’t get into the wrong hands. If someone starts to show an interest in finding out your address, email, phone number, or even your last name, that’s a sign that they could be up to no good.

Get a flattering webcam setup

How good is good enough when it comes to your webcam setup? That’s pretty much up to you, but it wouldn’t hurt to look at it from the other person’s perspective. When you show up on someone else’s screen, will the background, lighting, and camera resolution show you at your best, or will they first notice the dingy lighting and low-quality image?

This isn’t to say that you can’t have fun on adult dating sites without a good setup; it’s just that people will decide on who you seem to be based on the technical details, just as much as your outfit (or lack thereof). 

If you decide that your webcam setup could use an upgrade, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve shelling out all kinds of money. Start by playing with the lighting – it can make or break the way you appear on someone else’s screen. Once that’s fixed, see if your background can use some improvement. You could have an awesome room, but if all the webcam is picking up is half a couch and a blank wall it’s all gone to waste. It might take a few adjustments, but you’ll find that adjusting what shows up in your camera’s frame is worth the effort. 

Get creative with the video chats

One of the obvious appeals of adult dating sites is the sex video chats, but you can use your webcams for more than virtual sex. If you wanted to incorporate dating into the mix, there are all kinds of options. Restaurants are a popular choice for date night; how about getting a fancy meal delivered, complete with roses and champagne? You can set up a romantic background beforehand, and have the meal together. 

Have a plan before you start

If you’re signing up for adult online dating, you have some idea of what you want; however, it’s nice to actually figure out the specifics before you start. 

This will help you avoid sending mixed signals. Do you want a relationship that ends in virtual sex, or do you want to just skip straight to the fun stuff? If you already know what you’re hoping for, communicate it up-front, to avoid potential frustration later. 

Do you like the idea of flirty conversations with an online stranger, but aren’t willing to take things further than just talking? Boundaries are just as important online as they are in-person, and you shouldn’t feel bad about saying no. However, if you haven’t already set boundaries for yourself, you’re more likely to end up doing things that you aren’t totally comfortable with. 

Don’t be afraid to go for what you want

You have a good webcam setup, you’ve picked the perfect outfit, and you already know what you want to happen. So far, you aren’t leaving things up to chance; you’re playing the odds to get the right result. Then, you match with someone who seems interested. That’s great – but don’t stop there. 

Adult dating relies heavily on what you see on the screen, but if you’re interested in the other person, make sure they know it. Hopefully, you’ve already decided on what you want, so don’t be shy about telling the person you’ve matched with. They’ll probably have their own ideas about how they want things to happen, so you can talk it over and figure out what would make you both happy. 

Now it’s time to think about the game plan.

What does your ideal (online) date look like? What do you hope will happen once you’ve matched with someone you like? If you’re using an adult dating site, you not only get to choose from thousands of potential matches, but you also get the physical security of video sex chats. If regular dating sites seem like they fall short of everything that online dating could be, then an adult dating site could be just what you need.

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