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Leading Causes for Divorce

What Women Need to Know about The leading Causes of Divorce

Divorces don’t happen over night. The end of a relationship is often gradual and slow with the beginning of the decline often difficult to pinpoint. For women who have children with their spouse, the decision to divorce can be extra hard and even frightening at time. Justifying separating the family, is challenging when children are involved, but understanding the leading causes of divorce may bring some comfort

Statistics show that about 50% of all marriages  end up in separation. If you are going through a divorce right now, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Take comfort in knowing that many other women have been where at this moment.

But what causes a surge in these numbers? knowing the answer to this question, might help you fee better about your decision to end your marriage. Keep reading to find out what the leading causes of divorce are today.


In the case of monogamous relationships, extramarital affairs are one of the leading causes of divorce separations. Once your a partner feels betrayed, it’s challenging rebuild trust. Marriage counseling and individual counseling can go a long way towards healing past wounds. But it takes time and dedication that is often beyond what two people are either willing or capable of giving.

Reasons for cheating during a relationship vary. Sometimes it has to do with feelings of loneliness, difference in sexual appetites and compatibility, or the need to feel wanted.

Regardless of what lead to infidelity, when a casual affair is discovered, it can cost the individual their marriage. And, when infidelity is presented as the reason for ending a marriage in a court of law, divorce permission will be granted by the presiding judge. 

Financial Troubles

Money is another one of the leading causes of divorce. Financial instability can cause incredible strain on a relationship, especially when two people don’t see eye-to-eye on how to manage money. It’s important for couples to know how to discuss money matters and come to a solution.

But, if all efforts hit a wall, a relationship can take a turn for the worst. While they won’t save your marriage, Divorce solicitors may come to your rescue and help you amicably share property and assets in the desired proportion. 

Lack of Proper Communication

From your first date, effective communication set the pace that led to marriage. However, things often take a drastic turn. The once lively person who talked freely begins turns cold and the flirting, greetings, cuddles, and amazing sex slows to a stop.

When two people lose the ability to communicate, many other parts of their relationship are affected. Without repairing broken communication, a marriage often struggles to survive.

Declining Sex Life

One of the most painful leading causes of divorce is a decline in sexual satisfaction and intimacy. When partners begin to operate like roommates rather than spouses, it’s a red flag . Though many people perceive intimacy as sex, there’s a more underlying meaning to this word. 

Being intimate with your spouse calls for caring for individual needs, supporting them, and having a commitment to respect, dedicate your time and understand them.

But once marriage intimacy is gone, it can be challenging (not impossible) to reignite.

If you are experiencing some of the leading causes of divorce, it doesn’t mean the end of your marriage is inevitable. It just means that it’s time to seek some outside help. Every marriage is unique, and you get to write a happy ending if that is what you really want.

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