7 Tips for Men: How to Avoid Accusations of Sexual Assault

sexual assault

We’ve come up with some tips men can follow to avoid being accused of sexual assault in the wake of the #Metoo movement.

A Women’s Guide to Skinny Dipping

skinny dipping

If you struggle with body issues or experience anxiety that keeps you from enjoying the liberation gained from skinny dipping, try these 5 tips.

Life is an Adventure. Find Yours in 2019.


Ready to say goodbye to 2018? We are too! Forget resolutions, we’ve got 8 ways you can make 2019 adventurous.

A Christmas Story: Changing Holiday Traditions

holiday traditions

A look at holiday traditions and how making some changes could be the key to beating the Christmas blues for years to come.

From Basic Bitch To Extra: Defining the Feminine


Basic bitch, extra, MILF, Cougar. The words our society uses to label girls and women has real consequences. We can do better.

We’ll Drink to These 16 Things From 2018

Things to be thankful for

We slugged some holiday beverages and came up with these 16 things that we are thankful for— and they all took place in 2018.

Bathing & Body Changes

body changes

This author explores her body’s changes over a lifetime through a series of shower scenes. Bathing has a way of revealing more than expected.

America: Navigating Our Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Find out which feminist reads and podcasts this author is turning to to help her deal with her emotionally abusive relationship with America.

A Woman’s Guide To Vision Quests

Do you feel lost or stuck and in need of an experience that will help you find forward motion? Here’s your guide to executing a vision quest.

Musings Of A Culinary Queen: Dress For The Apocalypse


Would you want her on your team during the apocalypse? Musings from a knife-wielding culinary queen prepared to save the masses.