A Girls Guide to an Authentic Life

living authentically

The Key to Keeping It Real It’s not easy to live an authentic life. Despite our best efforts to be honest and real with those around us, women often find themselves going against their beliefs and values in friendships, relationships,… Continue Reading…

A Women’s Guide to Skinny Dipping

woman skinny dipping

From tips for overcoming body image issues to the best spots to skinny dip, this is the ultimate women’s guide to skinny dipping..

Ideas For Your Next Girls Night

girls night

Are you tired of having the same old plans every girls night? Switch things up with these fun ideas. You might even save some cash.

A Girl’s Guide to the Best 2020

We’ve got your girl’s guide to having the best 2020 possible. Say goodbye to 2019 and hello to a helluva better deca

14 Things Women Should Never Do Again

women should never do

We’ve created a new kind of list for the contemporary woman. Here are things you’ve likely done that women should never do again.

Inspiring Feminist Quotes for Moms

quotes for moms, feminist

Moms are the badass sheros of the world, but their work is challenging. Get the inspiration you need to mom hard from these quotes for moms.

Grief and the Holidays: What I’ve Learned

grief, holidays

Navigating grief through the holiday season can be tough. Here are 9 things I learned from my experience with grief.

Puppy Mama’s Top Things to Do with Your Dog

things to do with your dog

Looking for things to do with your dog while exploring your life to the fullest? Check out these tips from Puppy Mama Ambassadors.

Bathing, Body Changes & Learning to Love Myself

body changes

This author explores her body’s changes over a lifetime through a series of shower scenes. Bathing has a way of revealing more than expected.

You’ve Fallen in Love with a CrossFitter. Now What?


You’ve fallen in love with someone obsessed with crossfit. You don’t practice the sport yourself, so now what? Here’s your dating guide..