America: Navigating Our Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Find out which feminist reads and podcasts this author is turning to to help her deal with her emotionally abusive relationship with America.

A Woman’s Guide To Vision Quests

Do you feel lost or stuck and in need of an experience that will help you find forward motion? Here’s your guide to executing a vision quest.

Understanding Archetypes: Why We Sabotage Opportunities & Relationships

Understanding the archetypes. Befriending the saboteur can save you from sabotaging opportunities and relationships, and closing your heart.

Musings Of A Culinary Queen: Dress For The Apocalypse


Would you want her on your team during the apocalypse? Musings from a knife-wielding culinary queen prepared to save the masses.

A Woman & The Wild: Messy and Relentless Grief

The Wild

A moving story about messy, relentless grief and how the wild can save you. Join the author as she learns how to ignite her own light.

A Women’s Guide to Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dippin

If you struggle with body issues or experience anxiety that keeps you from enjoying the liberation gained from skinny dipping, try these 5 tips.

My Summer in Holden Mine: A Poetic Journal

Holden Mine

Excerpts from a poetic journal that came out of a summer spent working in Holden Mine—a long-abandoned copper mine in Washington.

Hawaiian Pidgin: Self-Acceptance & My Native Tongue

While researching Hawaiian Pidgin, author Cathy Reed makes unexpected, life-changing discoveries that force her to explore her past.

Self-Exploration: A Guide to Essential Oils & Meditation

Essential Oils

Enhance your self-exploration through meditation with essential oils. Read on for the complete guide on how to get started.

To Working Women Who Play on Labor Day Weekend

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An Open letter on Labor Day to our tribe of women workers & adventurers who have the courage to claim their voice and space as authorities in the travel & adventure industries.