Author: Kelli Davis

50 First Dates: No Always Means No


Trigger Warning: This edition of 50 First Dates involves sexual aggression and an honest telling of what happens when a man doesn’t get that no means no.

50 First Dates: Operation Rob the Cradle

Our brave author defies outdated stereotypes and initiates Operation Rob the Cradle. Join her on her adventures in dating younger men

Autism & Parenting


Finding out your child is Autistic is hard. Figuring out how to talk about it can be even harder. A mother shares her story.

50 First Dates Uncensored: Polyamory, Mormons & Unicorns

50 First Dates Uncensored includes a closer look at living authentically and reveals the author’s leveled-up approach to her dating challenge.

50 First Dates: Cheers! Halfway Point


Our author hits the halfway point in her 50 First Dates challenge. Find out what she’s learned and catch up on the past dates here.

50 First Dates: Thanksgiving Edition


Four men and a woman and 18 things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day in 2018. Navigating divorce, dating and the holidays

50 First Dates: Commence Operation Get Laid!


Commited to going on 50 first dates, our author continues her dating adventure and implements Operation Get Laid!

50 First Dates: The End Of The Beginning


The second installment of the 50 First Dates Challenge adventure. Join the author as she learns a whole lot about herself from online dating.

50 First Dates, Their Yelp Reviews & Reclaiming My Identity After Divorce

How I un-fucked my life with two lists and a commitment to going on 50 first dates. Read their Yelp reviews and find out what I learned.