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Women’s Sexuality & the Role of Damsel in Distress

The Effects of Fear & Shame on Women’s Sexuality

Sometimes we carry old memories, patterns, and energetic signatures without fully realizing it. 

Like a scratch on a record we hold old ways of being that once served as a survival mechanism but now get stuck on replay without our even noticing. 


It’s when we are not getting the results we want in our lives that we can look to the ways we habitually show up and relate to others in the world. Often if we look a few layers under the surface we will find what we have been trying not to feel.


Change never comes from the outside. It comes from doing the hard, brave, and dangerous work of feeling you’re own feelings and being with yourself in your own darkest hour. This is how change comes to transform our soul home from the inside out. 

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I have recently been looking more closely at some results I’ve found frustrating in my own business. Results that I want to change. So this morning I started sifting through some old dusty memories willing to finally look closer at what unconscious beliefs or fears I may be holding surrounding the topic of fear, shame, sex, and money. 


For me the “damsel in distress” role was a role I developed at a very young age. And that role had the stamp of approval of society, family, and especially my religious upbringing. See, women who “need help” are no threat to men or our patriarchal society. In fact, the “poor little woman” syndrome is a role that we see in almost every film or TV show as a story line. 

But when, as women, we want to embrace our own autonomy this role can derail and greatly impede our progress. If we are not aware where we may still be playing it unconsciously.


So as an exploration into my own beliefs I’m taking a few days to myself to look at and feel all the ways I project a “help me” vibe, because I want to change the results I’m seeing as I work towards launching a sexy website. And even though traffic is good, I  too often receive texts from men who instead of subscribing want to get married or start a serious relationship.

It’s been a baffling thing. Because I’m here to educate, entertain, and feel the joy of embracing my own sexuality…not really interested in getting married…um again. And Not looking for a knight to “rescue me” either. 

So, inward I will journey to see where I may still be holding onto the safety of a role I used to embody so completely, I thought it was real. 

The damsel in distress no longer serves me. Today I’m interested in harnessing my true authentic power in every single way. 

And I’m starting by owning my sexuality in a more conscious way. Here’s to bringing to light all that is hidden. 


Women, are you Ready to explore women’s sexuality in a new way? In a way that actually includes our humanity? I’d love to hear from you.

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