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Forced into Obscurity: If Roe v. Wade is Overturned

The Supreme Court Intends to Strike Down Roe v. Wade. It’s Emergency Time

I’m sure you’ve seen the news, the leaked documents indicating that the Supreme Court intends to strike down Roe v. Wade. It’s been a tumultuous 12 hours for me. I did not get much sleep from doom scrolling and checking in on my friends, to panicking about what this could mean for all of us. 

What does Roe v. Wade being overturned mean for me? Well, for one thing, I’m grateful to live in NYC where I have full access and protections for abortion care should I ever need it. But what about the community that I left behind?

I cannot help but think about so many who were victims and survivors of criminalized abortion legislation. Where I am originally from, abortion isn’t spoken about. It’s just another aspect of women’s health that isn’t mentioned, like sex. Sex is something that happens to women. Not something they’re active participants in.

Abortion and bearing children are no different. Women don’t get a say in what happens to them. They just showed up to church pregnant. There was much to celebrate if they were married. If not, they would mysteriously disappear from church community life.

I would see girls who became pregnant in high school disappear and reappear on social media later after giving birth. And then the debate would be if they would marry the father or not. Abortion never came into the conversation.

That was my reality while still entrenched in purity culture, and still is the reality for many. The overwhelming majority of Christianity across denominations advocates pro-life. My arguments asking “who’s life?” would often fall on closed minds.

I was lucky. I had the resources to fight for my freedom. Many do not have a choice. They are forced to carry, forced into obscurity, and forced to sacrifice themselves in the name of a political agenda.

What did Jesus call people to do? Love neighbors and forgive others? or control, terrorize, and throw stones?

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