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12 Truly Mom-Worthy Mother’s Day Gifts

From the Sexy to the Sweet to the Practical

On Mother’s Day, it’s tempting to give that special mom in your life the standard breakfast in bed and bouquet of flowers as her Mother’s Day Gifts. Those things are sweet and all but listen…over the course of nine months, she grew another human (at least one) in her own body. This was no small feat and resulted in permeant changes she will spend the rest of her life either trying to correct or attempting to convince herself to celebrate.

The sci-fi-like experience didn’t stop there. After she transformed into a watermelon with arms, legs and a head, she either pushed the infant living inside of her out of their body into the world through her precious (and much smaller) vagina—which will also never be the same again—or the doctor cut her stomach open and pulled the six to ten-pound baby out of her uterus and in the world. That’s some crazy shit!

That was only the beginning. That special mom in your life kept the tiny human she gave birth to alive by feeding it from her boobs if she could! (I can tell you from experience that this is neither simple nor painless for many moms. Think cracked and bleeding nipples, fevers from infected milk ducts, and bras that reek of rotten milk.) And that’s just the first two-ish years of being a mom!

Look, I’m not saying being a mom is all bad. There are lots of beautiful moments as well. But what I am saying, is that when choosing Mother’s Day Gifts for the mom you love most, thinking beyond chocolates is worthwhile.

Don’t despair. We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts, so we’ve done the hard work for you and researched some truly mom-worthy options.

The following are 12 Mom-Worthy Mother’s Day Gifts.

mother's day gifts
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Mother’s Day gifts that keep on giving

Top Pick! Salty Bath Monthly Bath Box Subscription
When I opened my first Salty Bath Box and inhaled the mosaic thoughtfully selected and lightly-scented products, before I knew what was happening, my body reacted by releasing stress from my neck and shoulders instantly. I literally melted into this gift box and promptly retreated to the bathroom where I spent then next two hours soaking in a bath salt-enhanced bath and exfoliating with luxurious body scrubs all by the light of a hand-poured, all-natural soy candle.

Sure, you could gift your mom a day at the spa for Mother’s Day, but Salty Bath has somehow managed to package the perfect spa experience into a small cardboard box that arrives on your doorstep once a month. These all-natural, organic self-care box subscriptions are filled with a combination of treasures including soy candles, essential oils, bath salts (enough for six baths), crystals, soaps, sugar scrubs and more. The best part is that you get multiple spa-day experiences out of one box. The salts and soaps that come in my monthly subscription typically last until the next box arrives. The oils last for months, and I love my collection of crystals and hand-crafted jewelry.

I cannot express how much I adore this subscription. It offers moms so many benefits: stress reduction, muscle pain relief, elevated mood, softer skin. Consider giving your mom a subscription to one of the two box options a month: Spa Box or Spa Plus Bath Box. You can order boxes month to month or invest in a 3- or 6-month subscription. We guarantee mom will LOVE this Mother’s Day Gift.


Mother's Day Gift

Editor’s Pick! Maple Holistic Flavored Massage Oil
Mom definitely wants a massage for Mother’s Day, but who says you have to send her to a massage therapist? Take the candles from the Salty Bath box and write up a bunch of IOU massage coupons to deliver along with some sexy, all-natural massage oils from Maple Holistics. Vanilla Dreams and Tropical Passions are our top picks. These scented massage oils instantly transport mom to the vacation destination of her dreams, and when applied by a sexy partner, there’s a good chance her special day could end with a big O! That’s right, along with being all-natural, these massage oils are edible! Just sayin…Finding time to be intimate is hard when you have little ones and it’s even harder to get an exhausted mom in the mood. These massage oils do the job (we tested them).

Along with enhancing relaxation and intimacy, Maple Holistic Massage Oils hydrate mom’s skin and leave her with a healthy afterglow that lasts for days.


Magic Wand
Ok, I’m going to get really real with you here. Mom does want orgasms for Mother’s Day. She really, really does. But after birthing and breastfeeding and rocking and carrying babies around all day long…she may not want to have to touch anyone else to get one. It’s true, mom may just want to lay down and bang out a quick orgasm all by herself to release stress and help her sleep better. And here’s the thing, the more she’s able to find time to do this, the more likely she is to want to take that next step and actually engage in sex with her partner. That said, the Magic Wand is absolutely the best gift for getting the job done.

This rechargeable vibrator, initially marketed as a muscle massager, has multiple speed and vibrating patterns that gift the lucky ladies who have it with screaming orgasms that can be reached in minutes (we promise). There are also plenty of accessories that can be bought and attached to the end of the wand, so the experience never gets old.

And in the end, if mom really isn’t in the mood, she can actually use it as a muscle massager.


Mother’s Day gifts that take her away

Mom’s Retreat
Sometimes mom just needs to get away. This Mother’s Day consider giving your mom the gift of a women’s retreat. June 7-9 Rooted & Open takes moms to the wilderness of Central Oregon for the Sacred Mothers Retreat. Over the course of the weekend, moms participate in yoga classes, circle ceremony, nature hikes and so much more. It’s affordable and moms return home feeling rejuvenated and ready to carry on with their important work.


Resort Escapes

Book mom a weekend away for Mother’s Day at a resort that offers a mixture of relaxation and adventure. Extreme stargazing, stunning wildflower hikes, and river adventures await her at Canyon of the Eagles in Burnet Texas, which is located in the Central Hill Country. Perched on the edge of Lake Buchanan, this stunning resort provides cozy remote accommodations, incredible onsite dining and lots of activities.

The Pearl Hotel, located in Rosemary Beach, Florida offers mom a true luxury weekend getaway. Each room is well appointed. From the contemporary coastal décor to the private balconies, every detail is purposeful granting guest a level of pampering that is often hard to find. Mom can enjoy delectable meals onsite, spend the morning at the spa and afternoons at the beach or perusing the nearby shops.

Is the special mom in your life an introvert, a book lover or a writer? This Mother’s Day, send her to the Troutbeck in Amenia New York for a long weekend and she will be a different woman when she returns to you. The former home of the poet and naturalist Myron Benton, the Troutbeck is a private estate country inn and tavern that has drawn the likes of Hemingway, Roosevelt, and the greats of the Civil Rights movement including Martin Luther King. The rooms transport guess back in time with décor that honors the history without sacrificing comfort. There is plenty for mom to do onsite with a library, a living room with a roaring fire, a sunroom, gallery, pool and tennis court and so much more. Additionally, delectable meals and cocktails are available at the Inn’s restaurant and bar.

For the outdoorsy mom who loves to hike and get in touch with her inner cowgirl, Five Pine Lodge in Sisters Oregon offers the perfect weekend getaway. Located in the heart of Central Oregon, she’ll be sure to enjoy plenty of sun while staying in her own luxurious, private cabin. With plenty of hiking, biking and golfing nearby, mom will stay plenty busy. At the end of a long day, she can visit the spa to relax. Located on a campus, Five Pines also offers onsite dining with Three Creeks Brewing and then even have the Sister’s Moviehouse and café for some extra entertainment.

Mother’s Day Gifts that make her life easier

Here are some quick ideas for gifts that will make moms life a bit easier:

  • Look into meal delivery services. You don’t have to use them every night, but a regular night off cooking is sure to make her smile.
  • Monthy house cleaning service. Have someone come in once a month to deep clean the house and lessen the chore load.
  • Chore IOUs: Not everyone can afford to have someone do the dirty work. Create cleaning IOU coupons and always make good on them.
  • Gym/Workout Membership: Has the mom in your life been meaning to take her health more seriously. Go ahead and invest in a monthly membership for her.

Seriously though, all moms, whether they gave birth to their children or not, overcome incredible emotional and physical challenges to care for the babes and family units they love so much. And truly, moms love all the gifts they get from their beloveds no matter how big or small or expensive or free they are. This Mother’s Day just remember to let your special mom know how much she means to you. That’s the gift that will mean the most to her.


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