puppy, dede johnson, lessons

Life Lessons My Puppy Brother Taught Me

Dede Johnson shares important life lessons her puppy dog "brother" taught her before she had to say goodbye to him.
Dede Johnson, George Floyd

The Murder of George Floyd: It’s Been a Rough Week

Dede Johnson addresses George Floyd's murder, racism and the difficult time America is going through. She also leaves readers an incredible gift.
Waterton Canyaon Denber

Hiking Waterton Canyon in Denver Colorado

Discovering Denver's  Waterton Canyon Yesterday I had a day off, so my roommate and I wanted to get out of the hotel we have been...
westport, wa

Oh The Places I Have Gone: Exploring Westport, WA

Living Out Loud columnist introduces us to her summer adventures in Westport, WA. From a proposal to making new friends, find out what all she experienced.
twerking classes

Twerking : To Twerk or Not to Twerk

Columnist Dede Johnson takes readers on her twerking adventure. Find out what she thinks about twerking classes (and women over 40 getting their twerk on).
hiking with friends

Hiking with Friends & Strangers

Hiking with your BFF is the best. But add a stranger to the mix and you might find the experience gets even better.
cabo, traveling solo

Traveling Solo in Cabo & Being Brave

Don't miss Dede Johnson's take on being a woman traveling solo, Cabo, and what being brave is really all about in her column Living Out Loud.

Living Out Loud: My Friend Shari Leid

Take a moment to meet an exceptional friend, wife, mother, writer, and cancer survivor. LOL columnist Dede Johnson shares her friend's story.

Living Out Loud: Reflecting on 2018

From running to hiking, columnist Dede Johnson reflects on 2018 and looks forward to what's to come in 2019.
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