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Before You Call Your Ex-Boyfriend, Read This

Interacting with Your Ex-Boyfriend & The Energetics of Choices

In our bodies, we hold every experience and potential known and unknown to mankind. 

That means inside of me I have access to my highest and most Noble spiritual self, and at the same time, I also hold within me the ability to be ratchet as hell. I can really dive into the darkness if I choose to explore that potential. 

For instance, I may write a beautiful article about self-love, and every word of it is the truth. But then, as soon as I give it to the world, a sneaky thought creeps up on me to call my ex-boyfriend, the one whom I like to call my King of Pain, and see if we could maybe fight some more! It honestly is hilarious to see the dichotomy inside my own body and psyche. 

But see, the thing is, none of this is a problem. Not when we see ourselves as a whole. Not when we understand our experience in life is a series of many micro and major choices. One after the other. And the sum of these choices equals our dominant feeling of how we feel and thus see the world. 

So did I call that ex-boyfriend at 2 am after having two shots of tequila just so I could be an a$$hole? 

Ummm. Well, thank god, he didn’t answer.

I guess sometimes I get a little help from my band of misfit angels. 

Back to the point. Another way to see it is like a river. Once enough choices in one direction have been made, a momentum builds. Not even you could stop it. 

So, the little mental glitch where I wanted to make a phone call to wreak some good ole old school Cathy havoc, had no other thoughts to attach to. Nope. I had already created with my choices such a strong forward inertia of positive momentum that a single glitched thought like, “Call your ex,”–not even that could take hold and manifest into fulfilled action. It just didn’t have enough pull or support. 

Anyway, I hope I was able to break down the energetics of choices in a way that made it more digestible. And I’ll leave you with a quote that got me started on this path of self acceptance many years ago:

“We are all human; therefore, nothing human can be alien to us”

~ Maya Angelou

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