Nike’s Ad Explains Why The US Women’s Soccer Team Made Us Believe

Nike’s ad paying tribute to the US Women’s Soccer Team gives us all chills. Here’s why we can’t stop watching it.

11 Important Ways to Start Supporting Women

support women

We need to support women now more than ever. You know this. But if you are looking for ways to start making a difference today. Read on.

20 Ways Women Can Show Support During Pride Month

Pride month

It’s time to support our LGBTQ friends. If you aren’t sure what you can do to make a difference during Pride month, read on for 20 suggestions.

Thoughts & Quotes About Women’s Reproductive Rights

women's reproductive rights

The fight is on. If you need inspiration to help you lift your voice in your next debate over women’s reproductive rights, read these quotes.

The Consequences of Toxic Masculinity (And a Solution)

gillette ad

The Gillette Ad launched on Jan.14 has drawn threats from those worried about the “war on men”. Don’t worry Gillette, we’ve got your back.

9 Woman-Run Publications: Hit Pecker Where It Hurts

David Pecker, chairman and CEO of AMI silenced women’s stories. He wont be prosecuted, but we know how you can hit him where it hurts.

Lunette: Improving The World One Menstrual Cup At A Time

menstrual Cups

A Q&A with Cathy Chapman, Lunette Menstrual Cup’s President of North America, reveals how the company is smashing taboos and improving the world and women’s lives.

6 Things We Need to Stop Saying About Women Running for President

If you’ve found yourself saying these 6 things about any of the women running for president in 2020, it’s time to stop.

Women Making History: 8 Of Our Favorite Moments

Last week, the 116th United States Congress was sworn into office. It was a day to celebrate diversity and change. Here are some of our favorite moments.

#TrumpBlackout! Because We’d Rather Focus On Sheroes


There’s a #trumpblackout all day today, so we decided that instead of posting pics of cute animals, we’d post pics of our favorite Sheroes.